Kerala PSC to conduct exams online within a year

Kerala PSC chairman MK Sakeer announced that the commission will conduct 50% of its examinations through online mode within a year. The major examinations could be carried out online by setting up centres under each district office. At least 50 engineering colleges will be used additionally for the examinations.

The procedures to hand over the digital images of the answer sheets to the candidates via their PSC profiles are underway. The commission expects to curb the delay in result declaration and appointment by shifting the examinations to online mode.

Kerala PSC aims to conduct a descriptive test in the second phase of the major examinations. Several candidates study the answers by heart and appear for the tests. The descriptive answering method is an antidote to such practices. The evaluation of descriptive examinations can also be done quickly through the onscreen marking technique. The appointments to the post of LD Clerk and Last Grade Servants after conducting a two-phase examination have been progressing here. Sakeer also declared that the certificates available in DigiLocker will be examined soon.

As the number of candidates runs into lakhs for many positions, the preliminary examinations will continue to be conducted based on Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) of the answers given to Multiple Choice Questions even though the candidate’s skills in writing and other capabilities cannot be evaluated thus, the PSC chief stated.

The pending works since 2007 have been completed in view of the diamond jubilee celebrations of the PSC. The period between notification and rank list of examinations has been reduced to 1- 2 years. PSC sent appointment letters to at least 1,81,647 persons within the past 6 years, added Sakeer.

Online Centres

The PSC has online examination centres in 7 districts as of now. Centres would be set up in other districts also. Besides, 50 engineering colleges are also being used as PSC’s online examination centres. Examinations for certain positions are already being conducted online by the PSC.

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