Secretariat Assistant Exam 2015 Expected Questions

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2015 Expected Model Questions and Answers. Kerala PSC Assistant/Auditor Exam 2015 Model Questions.


31. Which of the following commands is used to select the whole document?
(a) Ctrl+A
(b) Alt+F5
(c) Shift+S
(d) Can’t be done

32. Sending an e-mail is same as:
(a) Writing a letter
(b) Drawing a picture
(c) Talking on phone
(d) Sending a package

Secretariat Assistant Exam 2015 Expected Questions

33. Who among the following won the first Oscar for Pakistan on February 26, 2012?
(a) Ashgar Farhadi
(b) Shahina Amin
(c) Fathima Nourjahan
(d) Sarmeen Obaid- Chinoy

34. The author of the book “Environmental Jurisprudence” is:
(a) Justice J.V Chandrachud
(b) Justice Ashok A. Desai
(c) Justice A.K Sood
(d) Justice Prem Nagar

35. The Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was associated with …………….?
(a) Industrial Policy
(b) Banking Reforms
(c) Panchayati Raj
(d) Centre-State relations

36. The body temperature is regulated by:
(a) Pituitory gland
(b) Hypothalamus
(c) Pineal gland
(d) thyroid gland

37. Pasteurization of milk means:
(a) Heating of milk to above 72 Degree Celsius
(b) Heating of milk to above 62 Degree Celsius
(c) Cooling of milk to about 62 Degree Celsius
(d) Cooling of milk to about 10 Degree Celsius

38. Who among the following won the Album of the Year award in 2014 at the 56th Grammy Awards?
(a) Tony Bennett
(b) Kenye West
(c) Taylor Swift
(d) Daft punk

39. Metamorphic rocks originate from …………………..?
(a) Igneous rocks
(b) Sedimentary rocks
(c) Both igneous and sedimentary rocks
(d) None of these

40. Blizzards are characteristic features of:
(a) Equatorial region
(b) Tropical region
(c) Antarctic region
(d) Temperature region

41. The Kundankulam Plant of nuclear energy is located at ………….?
(a) Karnataka
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Kerala
(d) Tamil Nadu

42. Who amongst the following is the current Secretary General of United Nations Organisation?
(a) Mr. Kofi Annan
(b) Mr. Boutros Ghali
(c) Mr. U Thant
(d) Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

43. Who amongst the following is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?
(a) Mr. Navin Chawla
(b) H.S Brahma
(c) Mr. N. Gopalaswami
(d) Mr. B.B Tandon

44. The G-20 Summit (September 2014) was held at which of the following countries?
(a) Canada
(b) Australia
(c) Mexico
(d) Russia

45. The Pushkar mela is organized in which of the following states?
(a) Rajastan
(b) Gujarat
(c) Bihar
(d) Haryana

46. Which of the following is a metal?
(a) Hydrogen
(b) Chlorine
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Zinc

47. The famous ‘Amer Fort’ is near to:
(a) Jaipur
(b) Udaipur
(c) Bikaner
(d) Agra

48. Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh was the Governor of which of the following states immediately prior to her election as the President of India?
(a) Gujarat
(b) Delhi
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Uttar Pradesh

49. Which material is not used for transmission and distribution of electrical power?
(a) Copper
(b) Aluminium
(c) Steel
(d) Tungsten

50. TO reduce short circuit fault currents …………….. are used.
(a) Resistors
(b) Capacitors
(c) Reactors
(d) None of these

51. A wattmeter measures …………… power.
(a) Instantaneous
(b) Apparent
(c) Reactive
(d) Average

52. The insulating material most commonly used for power cable is:
(a) Paper
(b) Rubber
(c) PVC
(d) Butene-2

53. Which of the following books is written by R.K Narayan?
(a) A Tiger for Malgudi
(b) Three Mistakes of My Life
(c) A Himalayan Love Story
(d) A Bend in The River

54. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of literature?
(a) Kalidas Samman
(b) Jnanpith Award
(c) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(d) Dadasaheb Phalke Award

55. Which country is a permanent member of the UN Security Council?
(a) Japan
(b) Italy
(c) Germany
(d) France

56. Who amongst the following is the author of the book “My Music, My Life”?
(a) Vishwa Mohan Bhutt
(b) Amjad Ali Khan
(c) M.S Subbulakshmi
(d) Ravi Shankar

57. Which one of the following is an abnormal constituent of urine?
(a) Creatinine
(b) Urea
(c) Uric acid
(d) Ketone bodies

58. Which one of the following cells produces antibodies?
(a) Eosinophil
(b) Monocyte
(c) Basophil
(d) Lymphocytes

59. At very high altitude, the Red Blood Corpuscles in the human body will:
(a) Increase in size
(b) Decrease in size
(c) Increase in number
(d) Decrease in number

60. Which two countries are connected by an under-water tunnel?
(a) England and Spain
(b) Malaysia and Singapore
(c) England and Belgium
(d) France and England

31. A 32. A 33. D 34. B 35. C
36. B 37. B 38. D 39. C 40. C
41. D 42. D 43. B 44. B 45. A
46. D 47. A 48. C 49. D 50. C
51. D 52. C 53. A 54. B 55. D
56. D 57. D 58. D 59. C 60. D

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