Combined Defence Services [CDS] Exam Model Questions

UPSC Combined Defence Services (CDS) Examination Model Questions. Model Questions and Answers for Preparing CDS Exam 2014-2015.

PART A: General Knowledge

1. Which one of the following statements about Brihadeswara temple at Tanjavur, is not correct?
(a) The temple is a splendid example of Chota architecture.
(b) It was built by emperor Rajaraja.
(c) The temple is constructed of granite.
(d) The temple is a monument dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Combined Defence Services [CDS] Exam Model Questions

2. Which one of the following statements with respect to Indian Air Force is not correct?
(a) Chetek is a single engine turbo shaft helicopter of Russian origin.
(b) SU-30 is a twin engine fighter of Russian origin.
(c) mirage-2000 is a multi-role fighter of French origin.
(d) MIG-29 is a twin engine fighter aircraft of Russian origin.

3. Which one of the following statements with respect to Census 2001 is not correct?
(a) Kerala occupies the two spot in the country both in male literacy rate and female literacy rate
(b) Female literacy rate in Jharkhand is higher than that of Bihar.
(c) Density of population os Andaman and Nicobar Islands is lowest in India.
(d) Uttar Pradesh ranked first in terms of percentage of state population to total population of India.

4. The headquarters of Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force is located at:
(a) Jodhpur
(b) Nagpur
(c) New Delhi
(d) Gandhi Nagar

5. Mixed economy means an economy where?
(a) Both agriculture and industry and equally promoted by the State.
(b) There is co-existence of Public sector along with private sector.
(c) There is importance of small scale industries along with heavy Industries.
(d) Economy is controlled by military as well as civilian rulers.

6. Who among the following holds the world record for the faster century in a One Day International Cricket match?
(a) Sanath Jayasurya
(b) Virender Sehwang
(c) Shahid Afridi
(d) None of the above

7. The year 2009 is being celebrated by the UN as:
(a) International Year of Reconciliation.
(b) International Year of Astronomy.
(c) International Year of Human Rights Learning.
(d) All the above.

8. The acronym of which one of the following Missile is perceived as the confluence of the two nations (India and Russia) represented by two rivers?
(a) Astra
(b) Akash
(c) Prithvi
(d) BrahMos

9. Which one of the following committees was constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, as per the direction of the Supreme Court of India to frame guidelines on student’s union elections in colleges/universities?
(a) Moily Committee
(b) Lyngdoh Committee
(c) Sachar Committee
(d) Ganguly Committee

10. The aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov produced by India from Russia is:
(a) INS Virat
(b) INS Godavari
(c) INS Trishul
(d) INS Vikramaditya

11. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Pawan Munjal : Hero Honda Motors
(b) Venu Srinivasan : TVS Motors
(c) Deepal Parikh : Tata Steel
(d) K.V Kamath : ICICI Bank

12. Roh Moo-hyun the President (2003-2008) of which one of the following countries has committed suicide in May 2009?
(a) Japan
(b) South Korea
(c) Indonesia
(d) North Korea

13. The channel separating the Andaman Islands from the Nicobar Island is Known as:
(a) Coco Channel
(b) 100 channel
(c) Duncan passage
(d) Somboraro channel

14. Which of the following countries is located south of the equator?
(a) Cameroon
(b) Sudan
(c) Nigeria
(d) Rwanda

15. What is the correct sequence of the location of the following sea ports of India from South to North?
(a) Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Mangalore
(b) Calicut, Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Mangalore
(c) Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Calicut, Mangalore
(d) Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Mangalore, Cochin

16. The hill range that separates the state of Manipur from the state of Nagaland known as:
(a) Arakan hills
(b) Patkai hills
(c) Barail hills
(d) Manipur hills

17. Which continent of the world does not have a desert?
(a) Australia
(b) Europe
(c) Asia
(d) North America

18. Israel has common boarders with?
(a) Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.
(b) Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Yemen.
(c) Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Jordan.
(d) Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt

19. The Pacific Islands from New Guienea south east wards to the fuji Islands group is called:
(a) The Polynesia
(b) The Mellanesia
(c) The Micronesia
(d) The Australasia

PART B: Numerical Aptitude

20. P and Q can do a job in two days and R can do it in 4 days: and P and R 12/5 days. What is the number of days required for P alone to do the job?
(a) 5/2
(b) 3
(c) 14/5
(d) 6

21. A person borrowed Rs. 75000 at 16% compound interest. How much does he have to pay at the end of two years to clear the loan?
(a) Rs. 9900
(b) Rs. 10092
(c) Rs. 11000
(d) Rs. 11052

22. A trader sells two cycles at Rs. 1188 each and gains 10% on the first and loses 10% on the second. What is the profit or loss percent on the whole?
(a) 1% loss.
(b) 1% gain
(c) No loss, No gain
(d) 2% loss.

23. What is the least number which when divided by 42, 72 and 84 leaves the remainder 25, 55 and 67 separately?
(a) 521
(b) 512
(c) 504
(d) 487

24. The mess charges for 35 students for 24 days is Rs. 6300. In how many days the mess charges be Rs. 3375 for 25 students?
(a) 12
(b) 15
(c) 18
(d) 21

25. The number Root of (0.0001) is?
(a) A rational number less than 0.01
(b) A rational number.
(c) An irrational number.
(d) Neither a rational number nor irrational.

26. If x:y=1:3, y:z=5:k, z:t=2:5 and t:x=3:4, then is the value of k?
(a) 1/2
(b) 1/3
(c) 2
(d) 3

27. A person walks a distance in 114 days, when he rests 9 hours a day. How long will be taken to walk twice the distance if he walks twice as fast and rests twice as long each day as before?
(a) 57 days
(b) 228 days
(c) 285 days
(d) 324 days

28. Two trains travel in the same direction at 50km/hr and 32km/hr respectively. A man in the slower train observes that 15 seconds elapse before the faster train completely passes him. What is the length of the faster train?
(a) 75m
(b) 125m
(c) 150m
(d) 625/3m

29. In an army camp ration is available for 100 soldiers for 10 days. After 2 days 60 soldiers joined. Then for how many more days will be remaining ration last?
(a) 7
(b) 6
(c) 5
(d) 4

30. Two men P and Q started walking from a place at 5km and 6.5km per hour resp. What is the time they will take to be 92km apart if they walk opposite directions?
(a) 2 hr
(b) 4 hr
(c) 6 hr
(d) 8 hr

31. The number of two workers in the employment guarantee scheme increased by 15 which resulted into an increase of 20%. What was the initial number of workers?
(a) 60
(b) 75
(c) 80
(d) 90

32. If the rate of interest is 10% per annum and is compounded half yearly, The principal of Rs. 400 in 3/2 years will amount to?
(a) Rs. 463.00
(b) Rs. 463.05
(c) Rs. 463.15
(d) Rs. 463.20

33. 10% of the inhabitants of a certain city left that city. Later on 10% of the remaining in inhabitants of that city again left the city. What is the remaining percentage of that city?
(a) 80%
(b) 80.4%
(c) 80.6%
(d) 80%

34. Which one is the largest among the following?
(a) 0.725
(b) 0.725
(c) 0.725
(d) 0.725

35. If m and n are two integers such that m=n2-n then (m2-2m) is always divisible by?
(a) 9
(b) 16
(c) 24
(d) 48

36. A milk vendor bought 28 litres of milk at the cost of Rs. 8.50 per litre. After adding some water, he sold the mixture at the same price. If he gains 12.5%, How much water did he add?
(a) 5.5 litres.
(b) 4.5 litres.
(c) 3.5 litres.
(d) 2.5 litres.

37. If the ratio of x to y is 25 times the ratio of y to x, then what is the ratio of:
(a) 1:5
(b) 5:1
(c) 25:1
(d) 1:25

38. Out of a group of swans 7/2 times the square root of the number are swimming in the pool while the two remaining are playing outside the pool. What is the total number of swans?
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 12
(d) 16

39. A number consists of two digits. Whose sum is 10. If 18 is subtracted from the number, digits of the number are reversed. What is the product of digits in the number?
(a) 15
(b) 18
(c) 24
(d) 32

Answer Key

1. d 2. a 3. c 4. c 5. b
6. c 7. d 8. d 9. b 10. d
11. c 12. b 13. b 14. d 15. b
16. c 17. a 18. a 19. a 20. b
21. b 22. a 23. d 24. c 25. b
26. a 27. b 28. a 29. c 30. c
31. b 32. b 33. d 34. d 35. c
36. c 37. b 38. d 39. b

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