Kerala PSC General Knowledge Model Questions. Indian History General Knowledge Model Questions and Answers for psc exam preparation.

1. Where was the first Sangam council held?
Answer: Madurai

2. Who was the president of the first Sangam council?
Answer: Agastya Rishi

3. What is known as ‘Ten Idylls’?
Answer: Pattupattu

PSC General Knowledge Model Questions

4. Which Indian bird or animal was widely exported during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Peacock

5. Where was the central point or meeting point of Indo-Roman trade?
Answer: Alexandria

6. During the Sangam Age what were known as small village assemblies?
Answer: Avai

7. During the Sangam Age what were the spies known as during the Sangam Era?
Answer: Orrars

8. Who was the most favourite God of the Tamils during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Murugan

9. Which Sangam composition is known as ‘The Bible of Tamil Land’?
Answer: Tirukkural

10. Who wrote Ramayana in Tamil Language?
Answer: Kambar

11. Who were the richest and biggest land owning class during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Velas

12. Who wrote Shilappdikaram in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Elango Adigal

13. Indra Vihara was the monastery of which religion?
Answer: Buddhist

14. What were Etti, Kavidi and Eradi in Sangam Age?
Answer: Titles and Honours

15. How many literary compositions were there in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Eight

16. What was called Iravu during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Extra demands or forced gift.

17. Udiyageral was a ruler of which dynasty?
Answer: Chera dynasty

18. The students of Sangam Age were called by which name?
Answer: Pillai

19. Which type of village was known as Mudur in Sangam Age?
Answer: Old village

20. Which particular site is believed to represent the meeting point of the three Sangam Kingdoms?
Answer: Madukkarai

21. What was the state emblem of Pandya rulers?
Answer: Fish

22. Which was the major post of the Cheral state?
Answer: Bandar (Monkey)

23. Who was the composer of ‘Manimekalai’?
Answer: Sitalai Sattanar

24. Where was the second Sangam Literature held?
Answer: At Kapatapuram or Alaiway

25. In which period was the state administration description found first?
Answer: In Maurya period

26. What were Mauryans called by Jainism and Buddhism?
Answer: Mayur

27. Who was the founder of Maurya Empire?
Answer: Chndragupta Maurya

28. According to Vishnu Puran what was the mother’s name of Chandra Gupta Maurya?
Answer: Mura

29. What was the early name of Chanakya?
Answer: Vishnugupta

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