PSC General Knowledge Model Questions

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Model Questions. Indian History General Knowledge Model Questions and Answers for psc exam preparation.

1. Where was the first Sangam council held?
Answer: Madurai

2. Who was the president of the first Sangam council?
Answer: Agastya Rishi

3. What is known as ‘Ten Idylls’?
Answer: Pattupattu

PSC General Knowledge Model Questions

4. Which Indian bird or animal was widely exported during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Peacock

5. Where was the central point or meeting point of Indo-Roman trade?
Answer: Alexandria

6. During the Sangam Age what were known as small village assemblies?
Answer: Avai

7. During the Sangam Age what were the spies known as during the Sangam Era?
Answer: Orrars

8. Who was the most favourite God of the Tamils during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Murugan

9. Which Sangam composition is known as ‘The Bible of Tamil Land’?
Answer: Tirukkural

10. Who wrote Ramayana in Tamil Language?
Answer: Kambar

11. Who were the richest and biggest land owning class during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Velas

12. Who wrote Shilappdikaram in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Elango Adigal

13. Indra Vihara was the monastery of which religion?
Answer: Buddhist

14. What were Etti, Kavidi and Eradi in Sangam Age?
Answer: Titles and Honours

15. How many literary compositions were there in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Eight

16. What was called Iravu during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Extra demands or forced gift.

17. Udiyageral was a ruler of which dynasty?
Answer: Chera dynasty

18. The students of Sangam Age were called by which name?
Answer: Pillai

19. Which type of village was known as Mudur in Sangam Age?
Answer: Old village

20. Which particular site is believed to represent the meeting point of the three Sangam Kingdoms?
Answer: Madukkarai

21. What was the state emblem of Pandya rulers?
Answer: Fish

22. Which was the major post of the Cheral state?
Answer: Bandar (Monkey)

23. Who was the composer of ‘Manimekalai’?
Answer: Sitalai Sattanar

24. Where was the second Sangam Literature held?
Answer: At Kapatapuram or Alaiway

25. In which period was the state administration description found first?
Answer: In Maurya period

26. What were Mauryans called by Jainism and Buddhism?
Answer: Mayur

27. Who was the founder of Maurya Empire?
Answer: Chndragupta Maurya

28. According to Vishnu Puran what was the mother’s name of Chandra Gupta Maurya?
Answer: Mura

29. What was the early name of Chanakya?
Answer: Vishnugupta

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