Kerala PSC General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers. Indian History PSC General Knowledge Questions for preparing various examinations.

1. Which period is known as ‘Golden Age’ of Indian History?
Answer: Gupta period

2. By which name was Chandragupta II famous?
Answer: Vikramaditya

3. Samudragupta was a worshipper of which God?
Answer: Vishnu

4. Who was known as Nepolean of India?
Answer: Samudragupta

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Questions

5. Kumaragupta was a worshipper of whom?
Answer: Kartikeya

6. Which religion proof ressed during the Gupta period?
Answer: Hinduism

7. In which period was the art of temple building commenced?
Answer: Gupta period

8. Which was the most popular coin commenced by Samudragupta?
Answer: Garura

9. The Gold coin of Gupta period in inscriptions called?
Answer: Dinar

10. Where was the capital of Magadha?
Answer: Giribraj (Rajgriha)

11. Who was the founder of ancient dynasty of Magadha?
Answer: Brihadrath

12. Who was the Inportant king of koshal State?
Answer: Prasenjit

13. Who was the father of Jarasandh?
Answer: Brihadrath

14. Koshal is the region of which state?
Answer: Awadh

15. In which region were 16 Mahajanpada situated?
Answer: North India

16. Ashamak Mahajanpada is situated under which region?
Answer: South India

17. Who was the Important king of Gandhar?
Answer: Pushkar Sarina

18. Who was the real founder of Magadha Empire?
Answer: Bimbisara

19. Bimbisara was a follower of which religion?
Answer: Buddhism

20. Who became the king of Magadha after Bimbisara?
Answer: Ajatashatru

21. Who built a fort in Paligram?
Answer: Ajatashatru

22. Who was the last ruler of the empire of Haryanka dynasty?
Answer: Nagadashak

23. Who became the king of Magadha after Ajatashatru?
Answer: Udayan

24. Who was the founder of Haryanka dynasty?
Answer: Bimbisara

25. What was the nickname of Ajatashatru?
Answer: Kunik

26. Udayan was a follower of which religion?
Answer: Jainism

27. Who was the last ruler of Nanda dynasty?
Answer: Dhana Nanda

28. Prasenjit, Bimbisara and Udayan were contemporaries to which reliogionist?
Answer: Gautam Buddha

29. In which literature has the word Sasngam were been described?
Answer: Tamil literature

30. Three Sangam councils held during the reign of which ruler?
Answer: Pandya

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