Different Types of Study Ending with ‘Ology’

Different Types of Study Ending with Ology. Study of Birds: Ornithology, Study of Flags – Vexillology etc.

1. The study of Birds – Ornithology
2. The study of Bird’s Eggs – Oology
3. The study of Bones – Osteology
4. The study of Skulls – Craniology
5. The study of Dreams – Oneirology
6. The study of Weather and Climate – Meteorology

Different Types of Study Ending with ‘Ology’

7. The study of Reptiles – Herpetology
8. The study of Flags – Vexillology
9. The study of Cookery – Gastronomy
10. The study of Religious Feasts – Heortology
11. The Scientific study of Hair – Trichology
12. The Scientific study of Volcanoes – Vulcanology
13. The Scientific study of Mountains – Orology
14. The Science of Drugs – Pharmacology
15. The Science of the Teeth – Odontology
16. The Science of Weights and Measures – Metrology
17. The Science of God – Theology
18. The Science of the Eye – Ophthalmology
19. The Scientific Study of Skin Diseases and their Treatment – Dermatology
20. The Science that deals with the way that the bodies of living things operate – Physiology

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