General Science Model Questions and Answers

General Science Model Questions and Answers on Vitamins for preparing all PSC Examinations. General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Vitamins.

1. The Vitamins was introduced by?
Answer: Dr. Casmir Funk

2. What is Hyper Vitaminosis?
Answer: Having excess of Vitamins

3. What is Hypovitaminosis?
Answer: Having low level of Vitamins.

General Science Model Questions and Answers

4. Fat soluble Vitamins are?
Answer: A, D, E, K

5. Water soluble Vitamins are?
Answer: B, C

6. Goat milk is a rich source of?
Answer: Vitamin A (Retinol)

7. Vegetables is a rich source of?
Answer: Vitamin A

8. Which Vitamin is essential for Vision?
Answer: Vitamin A

9. Visual pigments such as rhodopsin of rod cells are synthesized from?
Answer: Vitamin A

10. Antixerophthalmic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin A

11. Unpolished rice is the richest sources of?
Answer: Vitamin B (Thiamine)

12. Antiberiberi Vitamin?
Answer: Thiamine

13. Antineuritic Vitamin?
Answer: Thiamine

14. Deficiency diseases of Vitamin B?
Answer: Beriberi

15. If Milk is exposed to sunlight for a long time which Vitamin will lose?
Answer: Vitamin B2

16. Deficiency of Niacin (B3) causes?
Answer: Pellagra

17. The word ‘pellagra’ means?
Answer: Rough Skin

18. The Vitamin essential for the formation and maturation of red blood cell?
Answer: B9

19. Cobalt containing Vitamin?
Answer: B12 (Cobalamin)

20. Sunshine Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin D

21. The Vitamin which cannot be had from any vegetables?
Answer: Vitamin D

22. Antirachitic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin D

23. Vitamin essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus?
Answer: Vitamin D

24. Vitamin which is used as hormone?
Answer: Vitamin E

25. Which is Antisterility Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin E

26. Vitamin which is a very good Antioxidant?
Answer: Vitamin E

27. Antihaemorrhagic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin K

28. Vitamin easily destroyed by cooking?
Answer: Vitamin C

29. Vitamin C was first isolated from?
Answer: Lemon juice

30. Deficiency of Vitamin C?
Answer: Scurvy

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