General Science Model Questions and Answers on Vitamins for preparing all PSC Examinations. General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Vitamins.

1. The Vitamins was introduced by?
Answer: Dr. Casmir Funk

2. What is Hyper Vitaminosis?
Answer: Having excess of Vitamins

3. What is Hypovitaminosis?
Answer: Having low level of Vitamins.

General Science Model Questions and Answers

4. Fat soluble Vitamins are?
Answer: A, D, E, K

5. Water soluble Vitamins are?
Answer: B, C

6. Goat milk is a rich source of?
Answer: Vitamin A (Retinol)

7. Vegetables is a rich source of?
Answer: Vitamin A

8. Which Vitamin is essential for Vision?
Answer: Vitamin A

9. Visual pigments such as rhodopsin of rod cells are synthesized from?
Answer: Vitamin A

10. Antixerophthalmic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin A

11. Unpolished rice is the richest sources of?
Answer: Vitamin B (Thiamine)

12. Antiberiberi Vitamin?
Answer: Thiamine

13. Antineuritic Vitamin?
Answer: Thiamine

14. Deficiency diseases of Vitamin B?
Answer: Beriberi

15. If Milk is exposed to sunlight for a long time which Vitamin will lose?
Answer: Vitamin B2

16. Deficiency of Niacin (B3) causes?
Answer: Pellagra

17. The word ‘pellagra’ means?
Answer: Rough Skin

18. The Vitamin essential for the formation and maturation of red blood cell?
Answer: B9

19. Cobalt containing Vitamin?
Answer: B12 (Cobalamin)

20. Sunshine Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin D

21. The Vitamin which cannot be had from any vegetables?
Answer: Vitamin D

22. Antirachitic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin D

23. Vitamin essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus?
Answer: Vitamin D

24. Vitamin which is used as hormone?
Answer: Vitamin E

25. Which is Antisterility Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin E

26. Vitamin which is a very good Antioxidant?
Answer: Vitamin E

27. Antihaemorrhagic Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin K

28. Vitamin easily destroyed by cooking?
Answer: Vitamin C

29. Vitamin C was first isolated from?
Answer: Lemon juice

30. Deficiency of Vitamin C?
Answer: Scurvy

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