Kerala PSC Lecturer in Geography Exam Syllabus

Detailed Exam Syllabus of Kerala PSC Lecturer in Geography Examination with Category no.587/2012 on August 2014 published by Kerala public service commission.

Post Name: Lecturer in Geography.
Category Number: 587/2012.
Department: Collegiate Education.
Examination Date: 08/08/2014 Friday 07.30 AM* to 09.15 AM.

Mode of Examination:
An Objective Type Test (OMR Valuation) based on the qualification prescribed for the post.

Kerala PSC Lecturer in Geography Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

Module I: Concepts and Trends in Geography
1. Geographical ideas of classical and modren period. Influence of Positivism, Pragmatism, Functionalism, Existentialism, Idealism, Marxism, Radicalism, Behavioralism and Humanism in Geographical ideas.
2. Four Traditions in Geography – five themes in Geography – Dualism and dichotomies in Geography.
3. Paradigm shifts in Geography - quantitative revolution – use of laws, models and theories – systems approach – Modern synthesis in Geography.

Module II: Physical Geography
1. Concepts in Geomorphology – Structure of the earth – geologic time scale – tectonics – Isostasy – continental drift – plate tectonics – Weathering erosion – deposition – erosional and depositional landforms – cycle of erosion – slope development and theories – morphometric elements and parameters – valley development and drainage basin compositions – drainage classifications – morphogenetic regims – application of geomorphology.
2. Composition and structure of the atmosphere – insolation – heat budget – weather and climate – weather maps – horizontal and vertical distribution of temperature – Atmospheric pressure and winds – atmospheric moisture – humidity, evaporation, condensation, clouds and precipitation – cyclones, articyclones, monsoons, Air masses – ocean atmospheric interactions – climatic classifications – climatic changes – climate and agriculture – climate and diseases – micro climate in urban areas.

3. Oceans in the world – Relief of ocean floor – distribution of temperature and salinity of ocean water – waves, tides, currents – coral reefs – deposits of ocean floors.

4. Ecosystems and their functioning – concepts of Biome, Ecoton and Community – biodiversity, natural hazards – degradation – emerging environmental issues – ecocrisis – environmental law and protection.

Module III: Geography in India
1. Location and space relations – physiography – drainage – soil – clamate – Indian monsoon, seasonal – natural vegetation types and their distribution.
2. Irrigation – Agriculture – characteristics and problems of Indian Agriculture – Cropping pattern- agricultural regimes – food security.
3. Mineral resources and their distribution – localization – industrial scenario of India - factors and spatial pattern of major industries – industrial regions.
4. Population – spatial and demographic characteristics – different modes of transport in India – National and International Trade – ports and airports.
5. Geography of Kerala – physical setting – Agriculture – Minerals – Industries- Transportation- Population.

Download Detailed Exam Syllabus of Kerala PSC Lecturer in Geography Examination in PDF file.
Kerala PSC Lecturer in Geography Exam Syllabus

Maximum Marks: 100
Exam Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Medium of Questions: English.

Candidates can download the Admission Tickets through their One Time Registration Profile in the Website from 18/07/2014.

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