B.Sc. Nursing, B. Pharm Second Allotment Result 2014

Second Allotment Result of B.Sc. Nursing, B. Pharm, B.Sc. MLT, B.P.T, Pharm.D and B.Sc. Optometry Admission 2014 will be published on 25-07-2014. Second Allotment Results for Admission to Professional Degree Courses 2014 in Nursing, Pharmacy and Para Medical Streams will be published today. The allotment of a candidate can be seen in the Home page of the candidate. It will show the College & Course to which the candidate is allotted. The Provisional Allotment memo can be printed by clicking ‘Print Provisional Allotment memo’ button. The memo will show the personal details, the college and the course to which the candidate is allotted to and the fee to be remitted. This Memo has to be produced in the bank for remitting the required fee.

B.Sc. Nursing, B. Pharm Second Allotment Result 2014

Second Allotment Result will be published on 25-07-2014 afternoon. Course/College options can be Re arranged for Third allotment till 12 Noon of 29-07-2014. Those who get an allotment should take the Printout of the Allotment Memo and remit the prescribed fee to the account of the Director, LBS Centre for Science and Technology in any one of the branches of Federal Bank on 26th or 29th July 2014, failing which they will lose their current allotment as well as the eligibility for further allotments except for spot Allotment. On remitting the fee, a fee receipt will be issued by the bank to the candidate, which shall be produced in the college at the time of admission. SC/ST/OEC candidates, who get allotment in Government seats, shall remit a token amount of Rs. 100/- (as part of Caution Deposit) by cash. The date for Reporting Colleges will be announced later. The candidates who got allotment need not report at any of the colleges now.

If a candidate has a different allotment than the one accepted in the previous allotment, the fee for which is higher than that remitted as per the previous allotment, he/she will have to remit the difference in fee through the same method as prescribed above. The amount to be remitted in this manner will be shown in the Allotment Memo of the candidate. If the Fee/Difference in Fees is not remitted he/she will lose the new allotment. He/she will not be considered for any further allotments in any stream except for spot allotments, if any conducted. If the fee for the course allotted in the current allotment is less than or same as the fee remitted as per the previous allotment, no further remittance is to be made by the candidate. Excess amount remitted by the candidate, if any, will be refunded, after the completion of the entire allotment process.

Deletion/re-arrangement of options after the Second Allotment

Candidates who remit the fee as per the second allotment within the prescribed time limit will have the facility to Delete/re-arrange their higher college options for the third allotment. After the second allotment, the options below the ‘allotted one’ of the candidate will automatically be removed from the option list of the candidate. If a candidate is satisfied with an allotment and does not want to be considered for further allotments, he/she must delete all the remaining higher options. A candidate retaining all or any of his/her higher options after an allotment are bound to accept the new allotment, if any granted. In such cases, he/she will not be permitted to retain the earlier allotment if any under any circumstances.

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