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Kerala PSC Repeated Questions 2014: Part 11

Kerala PSC Repeated Questions - Part 11

Kerala PSC asked these ‘First in the World’ Questions more than ten times.


  • Woman to reach North Pole: Ann Bancroft

  • Test Tube Baby: Louise Joy Brown

  • Woman Prime Minister of a country: Sirimavo Bandaranaike (1960)

  • Woman President of a country: Maria Estela Peron (Argentina)

  • Men on Mt. Everest without Oxygen: Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler (1978)

  • Foreigner to get Bharat Ratna: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

  • First Chinese pilgrim to visit India: Fahien

  • Englishman to receive Nobel Prize for Literature: Rudyard Kipling (1907)

  • Pope to visit India: Pope Paul VI

  • Woman to climb Mount Everest: Junko Taibei

  • Muslim invader of India: Mohammad-bin-Qasim

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