Kerala PSC Repeated Questions 2014: Part 2

Kerala PSC Repeated Questions - Part 2

Kerala PSC asked this Largest, Smallest Superlatives Questions more than ten times.


  • Largest Delta: Sunderban

  • Largest Diamond: The Cullinan

  • Largest Archipelago: Indonesia

  • Smallest Bird: Humming Bird

  • Largest Library: United States Library of Congress, Washington (more than 59,000,000 items)

  • Largest Sea Bird: Albatross

  • Largest Sea: South China Sea

  • Hottest Place: Azizia (Libya, Africa 580c (1360F))

  • Largest Peninsula: Arabia

  • Largest Museum: American Museum of Natural History, New York City

  • Longest Mountain Range: Andes, South America - 8,800 km long

  • Deepest Lake: Baikal (Siberia); Average depth 701 metre

  • Largest Gulf: Gulf of Mexico

  • Largest Desert: Sahara (Africa)

  • Largest Creature: Blue Whale

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