Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers for preparing Competitive Examinations.

1. Which Asian river is sometimes referred to as ‘The Road to Mandalay’?
Answer: Irrawaddy (Myanmar)

2. Which non-governmental organization in India issues ‘Zero rupee note’ as a means of helping to fight systematic political corruption?
Answer: 5th Pillar

3. Where is the headquarters of the Transparency International?
Answer: Berlin (Germany)

4. Which international organization was founded by Peter Eigen?
Answer: Transparency International

5. Which is the world’s most saline lake?
Answer: Lake Vanda (Antarctica)

6. A projectile launched at which degree angle has the greatest range?
Answer: 45 degree angle

7. What is the unit of measurement of cotton?
Answer: Bales

8. Which metal is added to fireworks to get the lilac colour?
Answer: Potassium

9. Which acid is used to acidify foods and beverages such as various colas?
Answer: Phosphoric Acid

10. What kind of creature is a ‘silverfish’?
Answer: Wingless insect

11. Which animal’s walking style is known as ‘Knuckle walking’?
Answer: Gorillas and Chimpanzees

12. Which is the largest Indian state by economy?
Answer: Maharashtra

13. Which country’s official currency is the ‘Renminbi’?
Answer: China

14. Which country started the Money Order System?
Answer: Great Britain

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