PSC General Science Related Questions

General Science GK Questions and Answers


1. The process of synthesis of organic food by green plant is known as?
Answer: Photosynthesis

2. During photosynthesis Kinetic Energy of sunlight is converted into?
Answer: Chemical Energy

3. Diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane is called?
Answer: Osmosis

4. Pores of Epidermis of plant?
Answer: Stomata

5. Transpiration take place through?
Answer: Stomata

6. The loss of water in vapour form through the aerial part of the plant body?
Answer: Transpiration

7. The loss of water in liquid form through the tip of the leaf?
Answer: Guttation

8. The attraction between similar molecules?
Answer: Cohesion

9. The attraction between dissimilar molecules?
Answer: Adhesion

10. Number of plant nutrients?
Answer: 17

11. Who classified plant nutrients?
Answer: Arnon

12. Soilless cultivation is known as?
Answer: Hydroponics

13. The technique of growing plants their roots bathed in Nutrient mist is called?
Answer: Aeroponics

14. Spraying of nutrient solution directly on the leaves of plant?
Answer: Foliar Spray

15. Photosynthetic pigment?
Answer: Chlorophyll

16. Green pigments?
Answer: Chlorophyll

17. Structural Constituent of Chlorophyll?
Answer: Magnesium

18. Site of light reaction of Photosynthesis?
Answer: Granum

19. Site of dark reaction of Photosynthesis?
Answer: Stoma

20. Photosynthesis is maximum in which light?
Answer: Red light

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