Plant Kingdom General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Plant Kingdom

1. Smallest angiosperm?
Answer: Wolffia

2. Tallest angiosperm?
Answer: Eucalyptus

3. Largest herb?
Answer: Banana

4. Tallest members of Grass family?
Answer: Bamboo

5. A plant with single leaf?
Answer: Pinus Monophylla

6. Longest leaf?
Answer: Raphia Vinifera

7. Longest inflorescence?
Answer: Agava

8. National flower of India?
Answer: Lotus

9. Largest flower?
Answer: Rafflesia

10. Smallest flower?
Answer: Wolffia

11. Largest seed?
Answer: Double coconut

12. Plant with leaf nodules inhabited by nitrogen fixing bacteria?
Answer: Ardisia

13. Root develops from which part of the Embryo?
Answer: Radicle

14. Stem develops from which part of the embryo?
Answer: Plumule

15. Example of Insectivorous plants?
Answer: Nepenthes, Venus fly trap

16. Tissue conducting water and minerals from the roots to the other parts of plants?
Answer: Xylem

17. Tissue conducting prepared food materials from leaf to other parts of the plant body?
Answer: Phloem

18. Outermost protective layer of plants?
Answer: Epidermis

19. The regeneration of new plants from vegetable organs is called?
Answer: Vegetable propagation

20. ‘T’ budding is practiced in?
Answer: Rosa

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