LD Clerk Kerala PSC Expected Questions and answers

Expected Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Lower Division Clerk [LDC] Examinations and Other Kerala PSC Examinations in 2014.

1. Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, belongs to the state of:
Answer: West Bengal

2. The independence Day of South Sudan:
Answer: July 9

3. In which state is Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project?
Answer: Tamil Nadu

4. The venue of the 2016 Summer Olympics:
Answer: Rio de Janeiro

5. The venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics is Sochi. It is a city in:
Answer: Russia

6. The first Malayali to swim across the Palk Strait:
Answer: S.P.Muralidharan

7. The venue of the 2014 World Cup Football:
Answer: Brazil

8. Dilma Roussef is the first woman president of:
Answer: Brazil

9. The 2014 Asian Games will be held in ......... from September 19 to October 4, 2014.
Answer: Incheon

10. The first woman of Indian origin to become the governor of a US state:
Answer: Nikki Haley

11. Simhadri Thermal Power project is in the state of:
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

12. The venue of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics:
Answer: Nanjing

13. ‘Conversations with Myself’ is the autobiography of:
Answer: Nelson Mandela

14. The first radar imaging satellite of India:
Answer: RISAT-1

15. The full form of NRHM:
Answer: National Rural Health Mission

16. The internet browser developed in India:
Answer: Epic

17. The term of the 12th Five Year Plan:
Answer: 2012-2017

18. Abhinav Bhindra, the first Olympic gold medalist of India, was born in the state of:
Answer: Uttarakhand

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