Cities and Founders

Cities and Founders

1. Who is the founder of Agra?
Answer: Sikander Lodi

2. The founder of Vijayanagar:
Answer: Harihara I

3. Who founded the city of Siri?
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

4. The city of Daulatabad was founded by:
Answer: Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

5. Dinpanah was founded by:
Answer: Humayun

6. The city of Allahabad was founded by:
Answer: Akbar

7. The city of Jahanpanah was founded by:
Answer: Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

8. The founder of Kolkata:
Answer: Job Charnok

9. Who founded Ajmer?
Answer: Ajayaraja

10. The founder of Gangaikondacholapuram?
Answer: Rajendra Chola I

11. The city of Shahjahanabad was founded by:
Answer: Shah Jahan

12. Founder of Fatepur Sikri:
Answer: Akbar

13. Chandigarh was designed by:
Answer: Le Coubusier

14. The city of Amritsar was founded by:
Answer: Guru Ram Das

15. The city founded by Kanishka in Kashmir:
Answer: Kanishkapuram

16. The founder of the city of Patna:
Answer: Sher Shah

17. The architect of New Delhi:
Answer: Edwin Lutyens

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