General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

GK Questions and Answers for preparing Competitive Examinations in India.


1. The theory related to the origin of Himalaya?
Answer: Plate tectonic theory

2. The rocks in the Himalayan system are mainly?
Answer: Sedimentary rocks

3. How much is the breadth of Himalayas?
Answer: 250 to 4ookm

4. The average height of Himalayas from the mean sea level is about?
Answer: 6000m

5. Northern most Himalayan ranges are called?
Answer: Central Himalayas or Himadri

6. Name the two important peaks of central Himalaya?
Answer: Mt.Everest, Kanchenjunga

7. What is the name given to the foot hill zone of Himalaya?
Answer: Siwalik

8. The Siwaliks stretch between:
Answer: Potwar basin and Tista

9. Siwalik Hills are known as Abor in which state:
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

10. Siwaliks are also known by the name?
Answer: Outer Himalaya

11. The highest peak in Indian Territory is Godwin Austin, in which range it is located?
Answer: Karakoram Range

12. Name the important glacier situated in Karakoram Range?
Answer: Siachin glacier

13. Plateau situated in the North of Karakoram Range?
Answer: Laddakh plateau

14. Lushai hills of Himalaya are also known as?
Answer: Mizo hills

15. The stretch of Himalaya between the river Indus and river Sutlej?
Answer: Punjab Himalaya

16. Which district is known as district of lakes in the Himachal Range?
Answer: Nainital

17. Famous hill station Mussorrie is located in?
Answer: Himachal range

18. The famous valley of Kashmir is lied between?
Answer: Pirpanjal and westerly range of the Himadri

19. Which river flows in the Kashmir Valley?
Answer: Jhelum

20. Which river is older than Himalaya?
Answer: Sutlej

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