Village Extension Officer [VEO] Exam Solved Previous Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Village Extension Officer [VEO / LADY VEO] Examination Conducted on 28-4-2007.

1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the central figure in the awakening of modern India. Deeply devoted to the work of religious and social reforms, he founded the Brahmo Samaj. Which was the year of establishment of Brahmo Samaj?
Answer: 1828

2. Which continent has the maximum number of countries in it?
Answer: Africa

3. Two of the planets of our Solar System have no satellites. Which are those planets?
Answer: Mercury and Venus

4. Some substances, such as carbon dioxide change from a solid to a gas when heated, without becoming liquid in between. This is known as:
Answer: Sublimation

5. Which type of lenses are prescribed for the correction of astigmatism of human eye?
Answer: Cylindrical

6. Among the various longitudes passing through India which one forms the basis of the Indian Standard Time?
Answer: 820300E

7. A number of political organizations came into existence in India in the latter half of the 19th century. In which year did the Indian National Congress come into being?
Answer: 1885

8. Name the political party of India which was formed in 1952 by Syama Prasad Mookerjee a nationalist leader, former Union Minister and freedom fighter?
Answer: Bharatiya Jana Sangh

9. Normal members of a particular species all have the same number of chromosomes. How many chromosomes are found in the cells of human beings?
Answer: 46 or 23 pairs

10. Kabaddi (Kabbadi or Kabadi) is a game most popular in South and South East Asia and a national game of an Asian country which is that country?
Answer: Bangladesh

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