LDC Examination Expected Questions

Expected Model Questions and Answers for preparing Kerala PSC Lower Division Clerk [LDC] Examination 2013-2014.


1. Root wilt and Bud rot are the major diseases of?
Answer: Coconut

2. A new high yielding hybrid Coconut developed by Kerala Agricultural University?
Answer: Keraswobhagya

3. Bunchy top disease is a major disease of?
Answer: Banana

4. The chemical contained in tobacco?
Answer: Nicotine

5. Most important stimulant in Coffee?
Answer: Caffeine

6. Aseel and Plymouth Rock are the important varieties of?
Answer: Poultry

7. The Scientific Study of atmosphere is known as?
Answer: Meteorology

8. Velocity of Wind is measured by using?
Answer: Anemometer

9. Instrument used to indicate the direction of wind?
Answer: Wind Vane

10. South West monsoon rains in Kerala is popularly known as?
Answer: Kalavarsham or Edavapathy

11. The North West monsoon is popularly known as?
Answer: Thulavarsham

12. The most abundant element on the Earth atmosphere?
Answer: Nitrogen

13. Element which required for the synthesis of Aminoacid?
Answer: Nitrogen

14. Azolla is a?
Answer: Fresh Water Fern

15. Rearing of Silk worms is called?
Answer: Sericulture

16. Mulberry cultivation is called?
Answer: Moriculture

17. Rearing of Honeybee?
Answer: Apiculture

18. Honeybees belong to the genus?
Answer: Apis

19. Large, Fleshy, Edible fungi are called?
Answer: Mushroom

20. The seeding part of Mushroom?
Answer: Spawn

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