Special Branch Assistant Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and Answers for preparing Kerala PSC Special Branch Assistant-SBCID Examination and Other PSC Examinations.

Plant Hormones

1. Chemicals seen in plants which regulate growth and development?
Answer: Phytohormones

2. Hormone promotes root initiation and cell elongation?
Answer: Auxins

3. Apical dominance is due to which plant hormone?
Answer: Auxins

4. Auxins were first isolated from?
Answer: Human urine

5. Synthetic plant hormone used for the uniform flowering in pineapple?
Answer: NAA and 2, 4-D

6. Dormancy breaking hormone?
Answer: Gibberellins

7. Hormone for abscission?
Answer: Abscisic Acid

8. Plant hormone help to induce cell division and cell elongation?
Answer: Cytokinins

9. Plant hormone that controls Fruit ripening?
Answer: Ethylene

10. A gas from plant hormone?
Answer: Ethylene

11. Seed dormancy is due to?
Answer: Abscisic Acid

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