LDC Examination Expected Questions

General Science Model Questions and Answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC, Special Branch Assistant and other Examinations.


1. Eye ball is situated in?
Answer: Bony Cavity called Orbit

2. The eye ball is kept moist by the secretion of?
Answer: Tear glands

3. Tear contains an enzyme known as?
Answer: Lysozymes

4. Outermost layer of the Eye ball is known as?
Answer: Sclera

5. Bulge forward and transparent part of sclera?
Answer: Cornea

6. Exposed portion of sclera is protected by a transparent covering known as?
Answer: Conjunctiva

7. Infection of conjunctiva is known as:
Answer: Conjunctivitis

8. Middle layer of eye ball?
Answer: Uvea

9. Just behind the cornea the choroid forms a circular opaque disc known as?
Answer: Iris

10. The central opening of Iris is known as?
Answer: Pupil

11. Which is the Innermost Eye layer?
Answer: Retina

12. Eye layer acting like the film in Camera?
Answer: Retina

13. Which is the Image forming Eye layer?
Answer: Retina

14. Which is the light sensitive pigment of rod cells?
Answer: Rhodopsin

15. Rhodopsin synthesized from:
Answer: Vitamin A

16. Most prominent pigment found in the cones?
Answer: Iodopsin

17. The area of sharpest vision?
Answer: Yellow spot

18. Myopia can be corrected with?
Answer: Concave lenses

19. Hypermetropia can be corrected with?
Answer: Convex lenses

20. Astigmatism can be corrected with?
Answer: Cylindrical lenses

21. Increased pressure in the eye ball is known as?
Answer: Glaucoma

22. Silent blinder?
Answer: Glaucoma

23. Twenty –Twenty means?
Answer: Perfect vision

24. Study of Eye diseases is called?
Answer: Ophthalmology

Note: Medium of questions in LDC 2013-14 Exam will be Malayalam.

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