LDC Exam Expected Questions

Expected Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC Examination 2013-2014.

General Science GK Questions

1. The first to use the word ‘Green Revolution’?
Answer: William Gaud

2. Tsomoriri is a glacial wet land in:
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

3. Cork is obtained from:
Answer: Oak

4. The native place of Guava?
Answer: Americas

5. The plant cell wall is made up of:
Answer: Cellulose

6. The tendency of plants to grow towards light is called?
Answer: Phototropism

7. The plant hormone that is useful for the formation of roots?
Answer: Auxin

8. Which plant is called ‘the mother of herbs’?
Answer: Coleus aromaticus

9. The practice of calculating the age of trees by counting the annual rings is called:
Answer: Dendrochronology

10. The advisable distance for planting coconut trees?
Answer: 7.5 m x 7.5 m

11. The plant which emits ozone during photosynthesis?
Answer: Tulsi

12. What is called the ‘tree for thousand uses’?
Answer: Coconut tree

Note: Medium of questions in LDC 2013-14 Examination will be Malayalam.

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