General Science Model Questions and Answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC, Special Branch Assistant and other Examinations.

Fertilization, Pollination and Seed Dispersal

1. The flowering plants are collectively called?
Answer: Angiosperms

2. The reproductive units in Angiosperms is called?
Answer: Flower

3. The male reproductive organ of the flower?
Answer: Androecium

4. The female reproductive organ of a flower?
Answer: Gynoecium

5. Study of flowers?
Answer: Anthology

6. Fruits developed from the parts of the flower other than a card?
Answer: False fruits (Cashew)

7. Smallest pollen?
Answer: Myosotis

8. Largest pollen?
Answer: Mirabilis

9. Father of angiosperm embryology in India?
Answer: P. Maheswari

10. Pollination by the agency of water?
Answer: Hydrophily

11. Pollination by the agency of animals?
Answer: Zoophily

12. Pollination by the agency of birds?
Answer: Ornithophily

13. Pollination by the agency of bats?
Answer: Chiropterophily

14. After fertilization ovule developed into?
Answer: Seed

15. After fertilization ovary wall developed into?
Answer: Fruit wall

16. After fertilization ovary developed into?
Answer: Fruit

17. Final product of sexual reproduction in angiosperms?
Answer: Seed

18. Study of fruits is called?
Answer: Pomology

19. Seedless fruits are formed from an unfertilized flower is called?
Answer: Parthenocarpy

Note: Medium of questions in LDC 2013-14 Exam will be Malayalam.

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  1. 12. Pollination by the agency of birds?
    Answer: Ornithophily

    1. Ajith, Thanks for the correct answer, we made the correction.