Kerala PSC LDC 2013 Exam Coaching

LDC Exam Study Materials: PART - 3

Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC, Assistant Grade and other examinations.


1. Father of ecosystem Ecology?
Answer: Eugene P. Odum

2. The largest man made ecosystem?
Answer: Agroecosystem (Agriculture)

3. Ecologically friendly tourism?
Answer: Ecotourism

4. Father of ecology in India?
Answer: R. Mishra

5. The rich source of energy which never causes Air pollution?
Answer: Solar energy

6. Producers which change solar energy into?
Answer: Chemical Energy

7. The total weight of living organisms per unit is called?
Answer: Biomass

8. Farmer’s friend?
Answer: Earthworm

9. Various steps of food chain is known as?
Answer: Tropic levels

10. Many food chains are interconnected to form a network called?
Answer: Food web

11. Growing of green plants along roadsides to reduce noise pollution is called?
Answer: Green muffler

12. World Environment Day is on:
Answer: June 5

13. Ozone Day is on:
Answer: September 16

14. World Forest Day is on:
Answer: March 21

15. World Animal Day is on:
Answer: October 4

16. Environmental planning organization in India?
Answer: NEERI

17. NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) is in?
Answer: Nagpur

18. Father of the Chipko Movement?
Answer: Sunderlal Bahuguna

19. Chipko Slogan introduced by Sunderlal Bahuguna?
Answer: Ecology is permanent Economy

20. Leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan?
Answer: Medha Patkar

21. Molecular nitrogen enters the biological pathways of Nitrogen cycle due to?
Answer: Nitrogen Fixation

22. A Symbiotic Nitrogen fixing bacteria?
Answer: Rhizobia

23. Grassland with scattered trees?
Answer: Savannas

24. Most stable Ecosystem?
Answer: Ocean

25. The least productive Ecosystem?
Answer: Desert and Deep Lake

26. Nutrient enrichment of lake is called?
Answer: Eutrophication

27. Instrument used to measure biomass?
Answer: Bomb calorimeter

28. Instrument for measuring rainfall?
Answer: Rain Gauge

Note: We are providing these questions and answers in English because of the easiness; but medium of questions in LDC 2013 Exam will be in Malayalam.

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