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Cells and Cell Organelles

1. Smallest unit of life?
Answer: Cells

2. Longest cell?
Answer: Nerve

3. The largest human cell?
Answer: Ovum

4. The largest cell in the world?
Answer: Ostrich egg

5. The physical basis of life?
Answer: Protoplasm

6. Building blocks of all living body?
Answer: Cells

7. Who is considered to be the Father of Cytology?
Answer: Robert Hooke

8. Cells was discovered by?
Answer: Robert Hooke

9. Plant cell was discovered by?
Answer: M.J Schleiden

10. Animal cell was discovered by?
Answer: Theoder Schwann

11. The ability of a cell to form a complete organism is called?
Answer: Totipotency

12. Plant cells differ from animal cells in having?
Answer: Cell wall

13. The most abundantly occurring component of the cell wall?
Answer: Cellulose

14. Energy is stored in the mitochondria as?
Answer: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

15. ATP synthesis takes place in?
Answer: Mitochondria

16. Universal biological Energy currency?
Answer: ATP

17. ‘Power house’ of the cell?
Answer: Mitochondria

18. Chemical factories of the cell?
Answer: Mitochondria

19. Smallest cell organelle?
Answer: Ribosome

20. Cell organelle which is known as ‘Suicidal bags’?
Answer: Lysosomes

21. Disposal unit of a cell?
Answer: Lysosomes

22. Largest cell organelle?
Answer: Nucleus

23. The controlling centre of all vital activities of the cell?
Answer: Nucleus

24. Cell Nucleus was discovered by?
Answer: Robert Brown

25. Store house of hereditary information?
Answer: Cell Nucleus

26. Which cell in our body have the least regenerative power?
Answer: Brain cells

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