Junior Instructor Examination Detailed Syllabus

Detailed syllabus of Kerala PSC Junior Instructor Examination with Category no. 541/2012 on November 2013 published by Kerala public service commission.

Post Name: Junior Instructor.
Category Number: 541/2012.
Department: Industrial Training.
Examination Date: 16/11/2013 Saturday 02.00 PM to 03.15 PM.

Exam Syllabus

An Objective Type Test (OMR Valuation) based on the qualification prescribed for the post.

Main Topics:

Part I: General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Renaissance in Kerala.
Part II: Questions based on NTC Civil Group.
Part III: Questions based on NTC –Interior Decoration & Designing.

Detailed Syllabus

PART I:- General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Renaissance in Kerala.

PART II:- Questions based on NTC Group

Importance of lettering, printing of letters and figures sizes, proportion etc. as per ISI Code. Principles, representation and construction of different types of scales, graphic scales, recommended scales for drawing with reference to I S I Codes Drawing is the language of technicians. Drawing office organisation. Drawing instruments, equipments and materials their use, care & maintenance, safety precautions. Introduction to Indian Standard institution. Code of practice for general and architectural drawings. Geometrical drawing. Definitions, construction of plain geometrical figuers. Orthographic projection, dihedral angles and Recommended methods of projection acording to I S I Codes. Theory of projection as specified in SP: 46-1938. Importance of sectional views. Types of sectional views and their uses. Parts not shown in section. Principle of Isometric projection, difference between isometric drawing and isometric projection. Isometric scale. Dimensioning an isometric drawing Stairs: terms, forms, materials, planning and designing of stairs. Details of construction. Types of perspective projection. Fundamental concept, definition, location of station point.

Residential building. Principles of planning. Local building by laws, types of building, types of services, types of utilities. Types of floor finishing methods of constructing granolithic, mosaic, brick tiles etc. used in floors Doors, windows and ventilations parts, location, sizes and types.

Inking and tracing operating of Leroy set and care of its accessories. Method of preparing
Blue prints or ammonia prints. Folding of prints. Introduction - terms used in public engineering. System of sanitation house plumbing, sanitary fittings etc. What is a computer, General terms used in computer, Elementary DOS commands, Window command & their uses, Auto CAD Command & use of different icons of Auto CAD, Knowledge about 2D and 3D drafting Elementary first aid. Artificial respiration and treatment of electrical shock. Elementary electricity. General idea of supply system. Wireman's tool kits. Wiring materials, electrical fittings. System of wiring, Wiring installation for domestic lighting. Perspective view types. Method of construction technique of colouring and shading.

PART III:- Questions based on NTC - Interior Decoration and Designing

Introduction to basic interiors: History of basic interior and different furniture. Elements of principle of design Perspective projection-types, fundamental concept, definition, location of station point Space planning and related by laws. Typical floor plan, basement plan, parking plan, roof plan etc, Drawing symbol, steps, 2nd floor plan, common building terms used. Rules for dimensioning architectural drawing, projection of elevation, roof types and detailed sectional dimension of the drawing.

Layout of space selection, furniture styles, selection of furniture, use of furniture templates, measurement of drawing as per designed. Introduction to building materials - physical and mechanical properties of materials. Types of ceramic materials, glass and plywood and their utilisation in interior designing.

Methods of fastening parts - nail, wood, screw, screw thread, stud in nuts and bolts Fabrics: Their classification, characteristics and identification. Different fabric, weave, texture, colour, taintness and durability, shrinking treatment for different fabrics (cotton, woollen, silk and blended). Method to find out quantities of material and their cost for a single storied residential building. Finalisation of specification and the estimated cost Painter hand tools, brushes of various sizes, diamond glazier, stopping knife, scrapers, palate knife, chisel knife, shave hook, pump line, lining tool, rule file etc. Their description, use, care and maintenance. Use of roller. Vanishes - method of preparation - Different types -classification and their application on woods. Painter's equipments classification, function and their uses - principles of spray gun painting. Method of application and precautions analysis of rates for simple items of work. Schedule of specification. Painting by spray gun, brushes and roller - different specific application and their defects and remedies. Different colour used, selection of paints for different types of fitting, electrical fittings, water supply, sanitary and drainage line etc. Types of system of lighting, lighting system in different spaces, fixing and connecting appliances for domestic/commercial area Common hand tools used for plumbing and their description and uses. Description of Plumbing operations. Air Conditioning - Purpose, types, ducting and drainage. Role of different plants and their layout in the interior designing Office building - planning of office interior designing as per I S Code. Types of office, service utilities etc. Rules and regulation of State Urban Development authorities/ Board, Improvement Trust etc.

Safety precautions and elementary first aid. Preparation of glue and putty. Carpenter's hand tools, their names, description and use. Common joints. Use of nails, screws, hinges, dowels etc. Grinding and sharpening of tools. Their care and maintenance. Use of different types of joints.

Properties and uses of different timbers used in construction work. Design of furniture for different purpose - Bed rooms, dining hall, library, Office Workshop, Classroom, Kitchen etc. Types of partition - wall, wooden, glass, etc. Modes & their finishing. Word processor, command & their uses.

Maximum Marks: 100
Exam Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Medium of Questions: English.

Candidates can download the Admission Tickets through their One Time Registration Profile in the Website www.keralapsc.gov.in from 26/10/2013.

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