PSC General Knowledge Questions

PSC General Knowledge Questions and answers about Animal Kingdom.

1. The animal having longest life span?
Answer: Tortoise

2. Study of lizards is called?
Answer: Saurology

3. Biggest mammal?
Answer: Blue whale

4. Heaviest mammal?
Answer: Blue whale

5. Largest ape?
Answer: Gorilla

6. Smallest ape?
Answer: Gibbon

7. Most intelligent ape?
Answer: Chimpanzee

8. Largest incisors is in?
Answer: Elephant

9. Number of bones in elephant?
Answer: 286

10. Number of chromosomes in Elephant?
Answer: 56

11. Largest Bird?
Answer: Ostrich

12. Smallest Bird?
Answer: Humming Bird

13. Smallest flightless Bird?
Answer: Kiwi

14. Smallest flying Bird?
Answer: Humming Bird

15. Insects belongs to the group?
Answer: Arthropoda

16. Fastest Animal?
Answer: Cheetah

17. Largest reptile?
Answer: Crocodile

18. Longest venomous snake?
Answer: King Cobra

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