Model Questions and answers about Panchayati Raj System in India for preparing examinations.

1. Which committee is known as ‘Committee on Panchayati Raj Institution’?
Answer: Ashok Mehta Committee

2. Kerala Panchayati Raj Act came into force on:
Answer: 23rd April 1994

3. The first Municipal corporation in India was set up ......... City?
Answer: Madras

4. Which committee was appointed to make recommendations on Local Self Government in Kerala?
Answer: Sen

5. Which article states that State shall take necessary steps to organize village panchayath?
Answer: 40

6. Father of Local Self Government in India?
Answer: Lord Rippon

7. Sushil Kumar, the winner of kaun Banega Crorepathi; was appointed as the brand ambassador for which programme?
Answer: MG NREGA

8. Which Government appointed Ashok Mehta to study decentralization?
Answer: Morarji

9. India’s experiment with democratic decentralization started in:
Answer: Rajasthan

10. What is the foundation of Panchayati Raj system?
Answer: Gram Sabha

11. Panchayati Raj Act does not apply to the state of .........?
Answer: Nagaland

12. Who is known as the father of Panchayati Raj in India?
Answer: Balwanth Rai

13. Where is KILA [Kerala Institute of Local Administration] is situated?
Answer: Thrissur

14. Who was the Prime Minister when 73rd and 74th amendment implemented?
Answer: Narasimha Rao

15. 11th Schedule is associated to .........?
Answer: Powers of Panchayath

16. Nehru inaugurated Panchayati Raj System in Rajasthan on:
Answer: 2nd October 1959

17. Which is the first state in South India to introduce Panchayati Raj?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

18. Who is responsible to make changes in names and boundaries of the states?
Answer: Parliament

19. Who served longest period as the Deputy Chief Minister of Kerala?
Answer: Avukkadar Kutty Naha

20. Swaraj Trophy associated with:
Answer: Best Panchayath

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