LDC Exam Study Materials

LDC Exam Study Materials: PART - 2

Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC LDC, Assistant Grade and other examinations.


1. The part of the skull that encloses the brain?
Answer: Cranium

2. Structural and functional unit of the nervous system?
Answer: Neuron

3. Longest cell in the body?
Answer: Neuron

4. Spinal cord is enclosed in:
Answer: Vertebral column

5. The brain and spinal cord are protected by a system of three unit membranes called?
Answer: Meninges

6. The outermost membrane of meninges?
Answer: Dura Mater

7. The middle membrane of meninges?
Answer: Arachnoid mater

8. The innermost layer of meninges?
Answer: Pia mater

9. The largest part of Brain?
Answer: Cerebrum

10. Part of brain which controls voluntary actions?
Answer: Cerebrum

11. The seat of memory of the human brain is located in the?
Answer: Cerebrum

12. Part of Brain for moral sense and intelligence?
Answer: Cerebrum

13. Part of brain which regulates muscular movement of locomotion?
Answer: Cerebellum

14. Part of brain known as ‘Little brain’?
Answer: Cerebellum

15. Part of brain controlling involuntary actions?
Answer: Medulla Oblongata

16. Central control of respiratory activity in human body is exercised by?
Answer: Medulla oblongata

17. Part of brain controlling the working of the heart?
Answer: Medulla oblongata

18. The thermoregulatory centre of the human body?
Answer: Hypothalamus

19. Brain part controlling reflex actions?
Answer: Spinal cord

20. How many Spinal nerves?
Answer: 31 pairs

21. Cranial nerves?
Answer: 12 pairs

22. Second cranial nerves?
Answer: Optic nerve

23. 7th cranial nerve?
Answer: Facial

24. 10th cranial nerve?
Answer: Vagus

25. Cranial nerve for taste?
Answer: Facial

26. Encephalitis is caused by?
Answer: Virus

Note: We are providing these questions and answers in English because of the easiness; but medium of questions in LDC 2013 Exam will be in Malayalam.

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