LDC Exam preparation

Genetics related questions and answers for preparing upcoming Kerala PSC LDC Examination 2013.

1. Fundamental biological unit?
Answer: Gene

2. Principal genetic material of living beings?
Answer: DNA

3. The structure of DNA molecules was discovered by?
Answer: Watson and Crick

4. Number of chromosomes in a human cell?
Answer: 46

5. The process of making identical copies of a single parent is called?
Answer: Cloning

6. Father of cloning?
Answer: Ian Wilmut

7. Genetically identical individuals are called?
Answer: Clones

8. Genetically engineered rice variety?
Answer: Golden rice

9. Vitamin A rich Rice variety?
Answer: Golden Rice

10. The color of golden rice?
Answer: Yellow

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    I coldn't write the sbcid assistant exam on last saturday,because invigilator told me that my photo on hallticket doesn't contain name and date of photo taken.I met the psc authority on that venue but he too told me that there is no option for allowing me to write the exam.actually psc alerted me on the above issue at the time of ldc application,so i updated my photo with correct specification and my ldc application contain photo with my name and date of photo taken.I had applied for lot of posts with the previous photo including veo and divisional acntnt,Besides this i wrote secratariet asistnt exam with the same photo,at the time no one asked for correct photo.How can I correct the photo on my previous application?Can i attend that exam?I tried to contact psc,but there is no one attending the call,so please reply sir,I am eagerly waiting for that