LDC Exam 2013 Expected Questions and Answers

Expected Questions and Answers for preparing Kerala PSC Lower Division Clerk 2013, Village Extension Officer [VEO] Examinations.

1. Sodium kept in?
Answer: Kerosene

2. Cooking gas contains more than 90%?
Answer: Butane

3. Purest form of Carbon?
Answer: Diamond

4. Biogas mainly contains?
Answer: Methane

5. The most abundant Alkali metal is?
Answer: Sodium

6. The metal used for Galvanisation of Iron sheets?
Answer: Zinc

7. The wire of flash bulb is made up of?
Answer: Magnesium

8. The content of the LPG Cylinder is in the form of?
Answer: Liquid

9. Aspirin was invented by?
Answer: Felix Hoffmann

10. Which catalyst used in the manufacture of Sulphuric Acid?
Answer: Vanadium Pentoxide

11. Which instrument is used for the preparation of Hydrogen Sulphide in the laboratory?
Answer: Kipp’s Apparatus

12. The raw materials from which Rayon is manufactured?
Answer: Cellulose

13. Mercury is a?
Answer: Metal

14. Gases used in cigarette lighters?
Answer: Butane

15. The raw material used in the manufacture of Cement?
Answer: Limestone and Gypsum

16. Freon-12 is used as?
Answer: Herbicide

17. Mineral present in School Chalk?
Answer: Gypsum

18. The material that is present in photo films?
Answer: Silver

19. Lead pencil consists of?
Answer: Clay and Graphite

20. Number of Hydrogen Isotopes?
Answer: 3

21. Oil of Vitriol is?
Answer: Sulphuric acid

22. White Vitriol?
Answer: Zinc Sulphate

23. Substance is popularly known as Super Liquid?
Answer: Liquid Helium

24. Number of terminals in a Battery?
Answer: Two

25. Avagadro’s Law is applicable to?
Answer: Gases

26. Chemical element has the atomic number 1?
Answer: Hydrogen

27. One most important compound responsible for Ozone Layer Depletion is?
Answer: Chloroflurocarbons

28. Town gas is?
Answer: Coal gas

29. The sweetest sugar is?
Answer: Fructose

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