Kerala PSC LDC Exam Coaching 2013

Model questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Assistant Grade, Lower Division Clerk Examinations 2013.


Nuclear Chemistry

1. Phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by?
Answer: Henry Becquerel

2. Artificial Radioactivity was discovered by?
Answer: Irene Curie and Frederic Curie

3. The time required for a radioactive isotope to disintegrate itself to half its initial mass?
Answer: Half life period

4. The first transuranic element synthesized was?
Answer: Neptunium

5. Simplest Radioactive atom?
Answer: Tritium

6. Daughter element of tritium?
Answer: Helium

7. The process of splitting of heavy atoms liberating energy is known as?
Answer: Nuclear Fission

8. Nuclear Fission discovered by?
Answer: Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman

9. The principle of atomic bomb?
Answer: Nuclear Fission

10. The process of merging two or more nucleic to form a heavier nucleus?
Answer: Nuclear fusion

11. Principle of Hydrogen bomb?
Answer: Nuclear fusion

12. The technique of determining the age of old carbonaceous materials using carbon-14?
Answer: Carbon dating

13. Radio carbon dating was discovered by?
Answer: Willard F.Libby

14. Vaccine dating can be done by using?
Answer: Tritium

15. Rock dating can be done by using?
Answer: U-238 and Pb – 206

16. Radioactive iodine is used for the treatment of?
Answer: Hyper Thyroidism

17. Isotope used for the treatment of cancer?
Answer: Cobalt – 60

18. Bone cancer can be diagnosed by using?
Answer: Phosphorus-32

19. Angiogram Test is done by using?
Answer: Sodium-24

20. Gold-198 is used for the treatment of?
Answer: Leukaemia

21. The coolants used in nuclear reactor?
Answer: Liquid sodium

22. Strongest Radioactive element?
Answer: Radium

23. Gaseous Radioactive element?
Answer: Radon

24. Liquid Radioactive element?
Answer: Francium

25. First fast breeder reactor in India?
Answer: Kamini

26. Tarapur atomic power station is in?
Answer: Maharashtra

27. Narora atomic power station is in?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

28. Indira Gandhi center for atomic research is in?
Answer: Kalpakkam

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