Model questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Assistant Grade, Lower Division Clerk Examinations 2013.


Nuclear Chemistry

1. Phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by?
Answer: Henry Becquerel

2. Artificial Radioactivity was discovered by?
Answer: Irene Curie and Frederic Curie

3. The time required for a radioactive isotope to disintegrate itself to half its initial mass?
Answer: Half life period

4. The first transuranic element synthesized was?
Answer: Neptunium

5. Simplest Radioactive atom?
Answer: Tritium

6. Daughter element of tritium?
Answer: Helium

7. The process of splitting of heavy atoms liberating energy is known as?
Answer: Nuclear Fission

8. Nuclear Fission discovered by?
Answer: Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman

9. The principle of atomic bomb?
Answer: Nuclear Fission

10. The process of merging two or more nucleic to form a heavier nucleus?
Answer: Nuclear fusion

11. Principle of Hydrogen bomb?
Answer: Nuclear fusion

12. The technique of determining the age of old carbonaceous materials using carbon-14?
Answer: Carbon dating

13. Radio carbon dating was discovered by?
Answer: Willard F.Libby

14. Vaccine dating can be done by using?
Answer: Tritium

15. Rock dating can be done by using?
Answer: U-238 and Pb – 206

16. Radioactive iodine is used for the treatment of?
Answer: Hyper Thyroidism

17. Isotope used for the treatment of cancer?
Answer: Cobalt – 60

18. Bone cancer can be diagnosed by using?
Answer: Phosphorus-32

19. Angiogram Test is done by using?
Answer: Sodium-24

20. Gold-198 is used for the treatment of?
Answer: Leukaemia

21. The coolants used in nuclear reactor?
Answer: Liquid sodium

22. Strongest Radioactive element?
Answer: Radium

23. Gaseous Radioactive element?
Answer: Radon

24. Liquid Radioactive element?
Answer: Francium

25. First fast breeder reactor in India?
Answer: Kamini

26. Tarapur atomic power station is in?
Answer: Maharashtra

27. Narora atomic power station is in?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

28. Indira Gandhi center for atomic research is in?
Answer: Kalpakkam

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