Kerala PSC LDC Exam 2013 - 2014 Coaching

Lower Division Clerk Exam Coaching


Model Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Assistant Grade, Lower Division Clerk and Other Competitive Examinations.


1. The compounds containing COOH group are called?
Answer: Organic Acid

2. Mixture of concentrated Nitric Acid and concentrated Hydrochloric Acid?
Answer: Aquaregia

3. The major acid present in Grapes?
Answer: Tartaric Acid

4. The Acid present in Palm Oil?
Answer: Palmitate Acid

5. Earliest known Acid?
Answer: Acetic Acid

6. The acid present in Vinegar?
Answer: Acetic acid

7. The first acid used by man?
Answer: Acetic acid

8. Acid also known as ‘Muriatic Acid’?
Answer: Hydrochloric Acid

9. Spirits of Salt?
Answer: Hydrochloric Acid

10. Acid which is known as ‘King of Chemicals’?
Answer: Sulphuric Acid

11. Sulphuric Acid is mainly manufactured by?
Answer: Contact Process

12. The acid used in Lead storage batteries?
Answer: Sulphuric acid

13. The acid present in Lemons?
Answer: Citric acid

14. Fuming Sulphuric acid is called?
Answer: Oleum

15. Acid present in Milk and Curd?
Answer: Lactic Acid

16. Acid present in Tomatoes?
Answer: Oxalic acid

17. The acid present in Ants?
Answer: Formic acid

18. The acid present in Apple?
Answer: Malic acid

19. The acid present in Protein?
Answer: Amino acid

20. The acid present in Gastric juice?
Answer: Hydrochloric acid

21. The acid present in Urine?
Answer: Uric acid

22. Acid is known as ‘Aquafortis’?
Answer: Nitric acid

23. Soft drink contains?
Answer: Carbonic acid

24. The acid that can be used as Hypnotic?
Answer: Barbituric acid

25. The acid used as an Eye lotion?
Answer: Boric acid

26. Cola contains?
Answer: Phosphoric acid

27. Acid present in Soda?
Answer: Carbonic acid

28. The acid which fumes in Air?
Answer: Nitric acid

29. Old name of Nitric Acid?
Answer: Aquafortis

30. The acid used in Chemical industry?
Answer: Sulphuric acid

31. Acid used for food preservation?
Answer: Benzoic acid

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