Kerala PSC Exam Coaching 2013

Selected Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Junior Assistant, Lower Division Clerk-2013 and other Competitive Examinations.

1. The Periodic Table arranges the elements in the order of?
Answer: Atomic Number

2. Soap is prepared by boiling Caustic soda with?
Answer: Fats

3. Heavy water is?
Answer: Deuterium oxide (D2O)

4. Which is called ‘Rock Cotton’?
Answer: Asbestos

5. Which is called ‘Black Diamond’?
Answer: Coal

6. Which is called ‘Brown Coal’?
Answer: Lignite

7. Metals extract from sea water?
Answer: Sodium and Magnesium

8. Which is known as ‘Metal of Future’?
Answer: Titanium

9. Electron was discovered by?
Answer: J.J Thomson

10. ‘Freon’ used as refrigerant is chemically known as?
Answer: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

11. Paper is chemically?
Answer: Cellulose

12. Plumbism is a disease caused by?
Answer: Lead

13. Ethai ethai is a disease caused by?
Answer: Cadmium

14. Minamata is a disease caused by?
Answer: Mercury

15. Which gas is evolved when a metal react with acid?
Answer: Hydrogen

16. Mercury can best be purified by?
Answer: Vacuum Distillation

17. Hardest substance in Earth is?
Answer: Diamond

18. Calgon is:
Answer: Sodium Hexametaphosphate

19. Carbon content in the steel?
Answer: 0.02 to 2.1%

20. The Chemical name of Teflon?
Answer: Polytetra Fluoroethylene

21. Impurity present in Ore is:
Answer: Gangue

22. The Atomic number was first calculated by?
Answer: H.G.J Moseley

23. Simplest Hydrocarbon?
Answer: Methane

24. Zinc is extracted by the method?
Answer: Electrolysis

25. Who coined the name Oxygen?
Answer: Lavoisier

26. The particle having major role in bending the Nucleus?
Answer: Meson

27. Substance harms to human due to smoking?
Answer: Nicotine

28. The element has Atomic number 2?
Answer: Helium

29. The gas helps to ripen fruits?
Answer: Ethylene

30. Which metal has the density less than that of water?
Answer: Sodium

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  1. 30. Which metal has the density less than that of water?
    Answer given is Sodium


    lithium, which has a density of 0.534 g/cm3
    Potassium has a density of 0.862 g/cm3
    while sodium has a density of 0.971 g/cm3