Rationing Inspector-Sales Supervisor Solved Question paper

Kerala PSC Previous Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Rationing Inspector/Sales Supervisor Examination Conducted on 11-07-2009.

1. How many Articles and Schedules did the Indian constitution contain when it was originally passed?
Answer: 395 Articles and 8 Schedules

2. Geology is a science dealing with the study of:
Answer: The crust of the Earth

3. The Primary colours are:
Answer: Red, Green, Blue

4. When was the Reserve Bank of India established in India?
Answer: 1st April, 1935

5. Chandigarh is the capital of:
Answer: Chandigarh is serves as the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana.

6. What is the Unit of measurement of depth?
Answer: Fathom

7. The harvesting season for Rabi crop is:
Answer: Middle of April to May

8. The pen name of Samuel L. Clemens?
Answer: Mark Twain

9. Which place is known as the “Nerve Centre of Bamboo Industry” in Kerala?
Answer: Angamali

10. The “Harry Potter” written by:
Answer: J.K. Rowling

11. How many languages are printed on an Indian currency note?
Answer: 15

12. The King of Chemicals is:
Answer: Sulfuric acid

13. The Twin principles of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ram Rajya were:
Answer: Truth and Non-violence

14. The Archaeological Survey of India was established during the period of:
Answer: Lord Curzon

15. “Money is what money does”. Whose definition is this?
Answer: Walker

16. The Headquarters of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is located at:
Answer: New Delhi

17. The land of White Elephants:
Answer: Thailand

18. The country which is known as the “Land of Lilies”.
Answer: Canada

19. The first metal used by man on Earth is:
Answer: Copper

20. “Arangu kanatha Nadan”- Whose Autobiography is this?
Answer: Thikkodiyan

21. What was the name of the first Atom Bomb dropped in Hiroshima?
Answer: Little boy

22. Which disease is known as black death?
Answer: Plague

23. The oldest dynasty in South Kerala:
Answer: Ayi Rajya Vamsam

24. Who was the Chief Minister of “Thiru kochi” State when it was formed?
Answer: Paravoor T.K. Narayanan Pillai

25. Name the science which deals with fruit and fruit growing:
Answer: Pomology

26. Who invented cycle tire?
Answer: John Dunlop

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Kerala PSC Rationing Inspector-Sales Supervisor Solved Question paper

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