Kerala PSC Question Paper

Kerala PSC Previous Question paper of Deputy Collector in Revenue Examination held on 25-8-2004.

Paper I
General Studies

Maximum: 150 marks
Time: 3 hours

All questions are to be attempted. Each carries 15 marks. No answer should exceed has 1,500 words in Length.

1.”Formation of linguistic states has proved to be a bag of mixed blessings”. Discuss.

2. What are the social, economic and religious dimensions of the impact of Sree Narayana Guru Swamy on Kerala?

3. Has the Planning Commission outlived its usefulness? If so, suggest an alternative. If not, explain why?

4. Is sustainable development impossible without causing ecological hazards?

5. Explain the impact of fall in prices of commercial crops on Kerala economy?

6. Discuss the role of the District Collector in Kerala’s current administrative structure?

7. Land Reforms in Kerala has been counterproductive. True or False?

8. What are your views on human cloning?

9. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Kerala’s Express Highway Project
(b) The Golden Quadrilateral
(c) Vallarpadom Transshipment Terminal
(d) Marine crishe

10. Name the Chief Ministers Kerala has had and state in one sentence what you consider the best contribution of each CM to the life and society of Kerala?

Download the complete Question paper of Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Examination held on 25-8-2004 in PDF file.

Kerala PSC Question Paper

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