Kerala PSC LDC Exam 2013 Coaching

Kerala PSC LDC 2013 Examination Coaching



General Knowledge Questions and answers related to Electricity for preparing Kerala PSC Lower Division Clerk [LDC] Examination 2013.

1. The law of electrolysis was formulated by?
Answer: Michael Faraday

2. Father of Electricity?
Answer: Michael Faraday

3. The ordered flow of charges in a conductor is called?
Answer: Electric current

4. The unit of current?
Answer: Ampere

5. The substance that allows electric charges to flow through it?
Answer: Conductor

6. The best conductor of Electricity?
Answer: Silver

7. The substance that does not allow current to flow through it?
Answer: Insulators

8. The unit of electric charge?
Answer: Coulomb

9. A device that maintains a constant potential difference across its terminals for a long time?
Answer: Cell

10. The fuse is a piece of wire made of?
Answer: Bismuth alloy

11. The instrument used to measure electric current in a circuit is called?
Answer: Ammeter

12. Unit of electric potential?
Answer: Volt

13. Commercial unit of electricity?
Answer: KWH (Kilowatt Hour)

14. An instrument used to measure the electrical energy consumed in Kwh?
Answer: Watt-hour meter

15. The potential difference measured in volt is called?
Answer: Voltage

16. The EMF of a dry cell is:
Answer: 1.5 volt

17. The source of EMF containing two or more cells is called?
Answer: Battery

18. The electric current which changes its direction at regular intervals of time?
Answer: Alternating Current (AC)

19. Voltage of AC in our household circuit?
Answer: 230 V

20. Electric current flowing always in the same direction?
Answer: Direct Current (DC)

21. The reaction in torch cell is?
Answer: Electrochemical

22. ‘Hydro power’ is the term used for electricity produced through?
Answer: Water

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  1. Does the LDC exam notification arrive?Or is it already published?

    1. Kerala PSC LDC Exam 2013 Notification expect to be on July 2013.

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  3. pls send mathematical questions and answers