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Kerala PSC Forester Exam Previous Solved Question Paper

Kerala PSC Solved Question Paper

Solved Question Paper of Kerala PSC Forester Examination conducted on 2005.

1. The highest peak in Kerala:
Answer: Anamudi

2. A district of Kerala not sharing with other states and Arabian Sea:
Answer: Kottayam

3. Pazhassi Raja attained martyrdom on:
Answer: 1805

4. Temple Entry Proclamation was on:
Answer: 1936

5. Leader of opposition in Kerala Assembly in 1957:
Answer: P.T. Chacko

6. Who translated Hortus Malabaricus to English?
Answer: Dr. K.S. Manilal

7. Silent Valley is a:
Answer: Reserve Forest

8. The biggest lake in India:
Answer: Wular Lake

9. Jog falls is located in:
Answer: Karnataka

10. Eastern coast of India is known as:
Answer: Coromandel

11. The Indian Constitution came into force on:
Answer: 1950

12. Father of Computer Science:
Answer: Alan Turing

13. Unit of Radioactivity is:
Answer: Curie

14. Author of ‘Origin of Species’?
Answer: Charles Darwin

15. pH of normal human urine:
Answer: 6

16. Green House gas is:
Answer: Carbon dioxide

17. Plants without chlorophyll:
Answer: Fungi

18. Souring of milk is due to the activity of:
Answer: Lactobacillus

19. Metal used in storage batteries:
Answer: Lead

20. Scald is a thermal injury caused by:
Answer: Moist Heat

21. Rajatarangini was written by:
Answer: Kalhana

22. First Battle of Tarain was fought in:
Answer: 1191

23. Babur conquered Delhi in:
Answer: 1526

24. Sultana Razia was the daughter of:
Answer: Ilthumish

25. The architect to Taj Mahal was:
Answer: Ustad Isa

26. The poet who was known as the Parrot of Hindustan:
Answer: Amir Khusru

27. The famous Ashoka pillar with Lion capital is at:
Answer: Saranath

28. Which Gupta king was called Indian Napoleon?
Answer: Samudra Gupta

29. Tamil classic “Silappadikaram” was written by:
Answer: Illango Adikal

30. Vathapi was the capital of:
Answer: Chalukyas

31. Battle of Thalikkotta was fought between:
Answer: Bahmanis and Vijayanagar rulers

32. Sivaji was the ruler of:
Answer: Maharashtra

33. Last Hindu King of Delhi:
Answer: Prithviraj Chauhan

34. Last Mughal Emperor was:
Answer: Bahadur Shah II

35. Indian ruler defeated by Clive at Plassey in 1757:
Answer: Siraj Ud – Daula

36. The first president of Indian National Congress:
Answer: W.C. Banerjee

37. The National Leader who was known as the ‘Grand Old man of India’?
Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

38. Sati was abolished by:
Answer: William Bentick

39. Arya Samaj was founded by:
Answer: Dayananda Saraswati

40. The first Governor General of independent India:
Answer: Lord Mount Batten

41. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India:
Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

42. The first Indian writer who got Jnanpith award:
Answer: G. Sankarakurup

43. The highest film award in India:
Answer: Dada Saheb Phalke Award

44. How many states are there in the United States of America?
Answer: 50

45. The currency of Japan:
Answer: Yen

46. The headquarters of U.N.O. is at:
Answer: New York

47. The International Court of Justice is at:
Answer: Hague
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48. The strait that separates North and South America:
Answer: Panama Canal

49. Capital of Syria:
Answer: Damascus

50. Aung San Suu Kyi is a political leader of:
Answer: Myanmar

51. Nobel Academy is at:
Answer: Stockholm

52. Bamiyan Buddha statue was in:
Answer: Afghanistan

53. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha:
Answer: The Vice President

54. Who is the present Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?
Answer: Dr. Manjula Chellur

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