Junior Assistant Grade Exam Previous Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Junior Assistant Examination conducted on 2009.

1. India has the world’s largest deposits of:
Answer: Mica

2. The first Indian State to introduce the Panchayat Raj System:
Answer: Rajsathan

3. The tenure of a Rajya Sabha Member is:
Answer: 6 years

4. International Literacy Day is observed on:
Answer: September 8

5. When was ISRO set up?
Answer: 1969

6. The Odakkuzhal Award is given in the memory of:
Answer: G. Sankarakurup

7. The first Indian Women to get Nobel Prize?
Answer: Mother Teresa

8. Pallava dynasty was established in 300 A.D. The capital city of Pallavas was:
Answer: Kanchi

9. The chairman of the Planning Commission is:
Answer: Prime Minister

10. The type of rear view mirror in a car is:
Answer: Convex

11. Which is the name of the instrument used for measuring blood pressure?
Answer: Sphygmomanometer

12. The two predominant gases that constitute the sun as fire ball are:
Answer: Hydrogen and Helium

13. The two best paintings ‘Mono Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ were painted by:
Answer: Leonardo da Vinchi

14. ‘Kolla Varsham’ began in:
Answer: 825 AD

15. What is the study of coins called?
Answer: Numismatics

16. The words ‘Sathyameva Jayate’ are taken from:
Answer: Mundaka Upanishad

17. The Highest Indian Peak is:
Answer: Kanchanjunga

18. Kundara Proclamation was made by:
Answer: Veluthambi Dalawa

19. First Governor of Kerala was:
Answer: B. Ramakrishna Rao

20. GUI stands for:
Answer: Graphical User Interface

21. Alt+F4 is the short cut key used in windows for:
Answer: Terminate the current application

22. In Unix ‘grep’ command is used for:
Answer: Search of a word in a file

23. A short cut key used to make all caps:
Answer: Crtl + Shift + K

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