Indian History GK Questions for Junior Assistant Exam 2013

Indian History related GK Questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Junior Assistant Examination on July 2013.

1. The Akali movement was formed in:
Answer: 1920

2. Who started the paper ‘Leader’?
Answer: Madan Mohan Malavya

3. Name the official organ of the Swaraj Party:
Answer: Hindustan Times

4. The college section and Gurukula Section were the divisions of:
Answer: Aryasamaj

5. The whitley commission on Labour was setup in:
Answer: 1929

6. Name the leader of the Revolt of 1857 who fled to Nepal?
Answer: Nanasaheb

7. Who is called as ‘Periyor’?
Answer: E.V Ramaswami Naicker

8. The Irwin Declaration was in:
Answer: 1929

9. Name the first session of Indian National Congress in which Jawaharlal Nehru participated:
Answer: Bankipore (1912)

10. Who started Ganesh and Shivaji festivals for anti-British propaganda?
Answer: Bala Gangadhara Tilak

11. Muhammadali Jinnah drafted the 14 points against:
Answer: Nehru Report

12. Which considered as the parental home of Bhagavatism?
Answer: Mathura

13. Who is called as the ‘Paragon of Vedantist’?
Answer: Swami Vivekananda

14. Which is considered as ‘Dravida Veda’?
Answer: Thevaram

15. Name the European power who built the first Carmelite church in Kerala.
Answer: The Dutch

16. The outsiders who settled down in tribal areas were called as:
Answer: Diku

17. The instruments or grants of adoption given to Hindu and Muslim princess after the Revolt of 1857 were called as:
Answer: Sanads

18. Name the author of the book “Thepeasantry in Bengal”?
Answer: R.C Dutt

19. The policy of the English East India company in Bengal during the Double Government was known as:
Answer: Masked system

20. Who was forced to leave the Indian National Congress following the notorious Gurukula incident of Tirunelvelley?
Answer: E.V Ramaswami Naicker

21. Who made the August Declaration of 1917?
Answer: Edwin Montague

22. When did Tilak declare “Swaraj is my birth right, and I shall have it”?
Answer: 1916

23. When did Gandhiji serve a ’11 point Ultimatum’ on the British Government?
Answer: Before starting the civil disobedience movement.

24. Name the revolutionary terrorist who ended his days as a Ramakrishna mission swami.
Answer: Jatindranath Bandopadhyay

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