Confidential Assistant Grade Exam Solved Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC previous Confidential Assistant Grade Examination conducted on 15/12/2007.

1. Which is the most abundant metal found in the earth's crust?
Answer: Aluminium

2. "The Da Vinci Code" is a novel written by an American author. What is his name?
Answer: Dan Brown

3. Name the great composer who is known as the Father of Carnatic Music?
Answer: Purandara Dasa

4. One of the Indian states adopted English as its official language in 1967. Which is that Indian state?
Answer: Nagaland

5. What is the minimum age required for a citizen of India to be a candidate for the office of the President?
Answer: 35

6. The first newspaper published in India was 'Bengal Gazette'. When did it start its publication?
Answer: 1780

7. Father of supercomputer is:
Answer: Seymour Cray

8. Father of Computer Science is:
Answer: Alan Turing

9. First Cyber police station established in India was at:
Answer: Bangalore

10. Internet controlling in India is by:
Answer: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

11. Name the first Supercomputer in the world?
Answer: The CDC 6600, released in 1964, is generally considered as the first supercomputer.

12. RAM stands for:
Answer: Random Access Memory

13. CPU stands for:
Answer: Central Processing Unit

14. WAP stands for:
Answer: Wireless Application Protocol

15. Compact Disc (CD) invented by:
Answer: James T. Russell

16. Computer Programming Language 'C' introduced by:
Answer: Dennis Ritchie

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