LBS Kerala Lower Division Clerk Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala LBS Lower Division Clerk Exam conducted on 2010.

1. The CPU of a Personal computer contains:
Answer: ALU, Control Unit, Registers

2. A software which supports the basic functions computer usage and helps to run the computer hardware is:
Answer: Operating Systems

3. The processing speed of a microcomputer is normally expressed in:
Answer: Megahertz

4. The maximum storage capacity of CD ROM is:
Answer: 700 MB

5. A technology used to transfer data from one electronic device to another without cable connection:
Answer: Blue tooth

6. The first Electronic Computer was:
Answer: ENIAC

7. The toner is used in which Printer:
Answer: Laser

8. Which communication cable is preferred for long distance broad band data communication?
Answer: Fiber optics

9. How many times Shri. K.Karunakaran was Chief Minister of Kerala?
Answer: Four

10. What is the expansion of 'TRAI'?
Answer: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

11. Who is the author of the famous quotation "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"?
Answer: Albert Einstein

12. Which is the place where atom bomb was first dropped?
Answer: Hiroshima

13. Davis Cup is associated with:
Answer: Lawn Tennis

14. Acoustics is the study of:
Answer: Sound

15. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is situated in:
Answer: Dubai

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