Lab Assistant Exam Previous Solved Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Lab Assistant [Higher Secondary Education] Examination conducted on 27-5-2006.

1. Who Introduced Railway for the first time in India?
Answer. Dalhousie

2. Kerala Kalamandalam was established by:
Answer. Vallathol

3. Who was the first Governor of Kerala?
Answer. B. Ramakrishna Rao

4. Ramakrishna Mission was established by:
Answer. Swami Vivekananda

5. The oldest Veda is:
Answer. Rig Veda

6. The colour of Iron Sulphate is:
Answer. Green

7. The enzyme produced by salivary glands is:
Answer. Amylase

8. The hormone which promotes blood circulation is:
Answer. Adrenaline

9. The census in India is taken once in:
Answer. 10 years

10. Who is considered as the founder of Jainism?
Answer. Mahavira

11. The Khilafat movement was started by:
Answer. Ali brothers

12. Usually, base changes the colour of litmus from:
Answer. Red to blue

13. Changez Khan invaded India during the rule of:
Answer. Iltumish

14. Rourkela steel plant is located in:
Answer. Odisha

15. The Mughal ruler who banned dance and music was:
Answer. Aurangazeb

16. The number of molecules contained in 1 mole of gas is called:
Answer. Avogadro number

17. The SI unit of energy is:
Answer. Joules

18. Navy day is celebrated on:
Answer. December 4

19. Which Governor General Introduced postal system in India.
Answer. Lord Dalhousie

20. Study of nutrition is called:
Answer. Trophology

21. Who put forward the theory of Solar System?
Answer. Copernicus

22. Which Indian city is called the Silicon Valley of India?
Answer. Bangalore

23. ‘Keralam Valarunnu’ was written by:
Answer. Pala Narayanan Nair

24. The first Malayalam film which got National award:
Answer. Neelakkuyil

25. Diabetes is caused due to malfunctioning of:
Answer. Pancreas

26. Plants respire through?
Answer. Stomata

27. The place in which the first Asian Games were held:
Answer. New Delhi

28. The biggest backwater lake in Kerala is:
Answer. Vembanattu lake

29. The first Indian who got the Nobel Prize is:
Answer. Rabeendranath Tagore

30. The Strongest Force of nature is:
Answer. Nuclear Force

31. The number of rings in the Olympic Flag is:
Answer. 5

32. Davis Cup is associated with:
Answer. Lawn tennis

33. Who appoints the Chairman of Finance Commission?
Answer. President

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