Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Assistant Grade Examination for Khadi and Village Industries Department.

1. What is the average life of coconut tree?
Answer: 50 years

2. Which is the source of energy in the biosphere?
Answer: Sun

3. What is a flying fox?
Answer: A kind of bat

4. Which is the tallest living animal?
Answer: Giraffe

5. Which is the most stupid bird in the world?
Answer: Duck

6. Largest fish in the sea:
Answer: Whale shark

7. What is the instrument used by doctors to hear the sound of heart and lungs?
Answer: Stethoscope

8. What is the function of kidney in the human body?
Answer: To filter waste materials

9. How many queen bees are found in a bee hive?
Answer: 1

10. Which metal is found in liquid form in natural stage?
Answer: Mercury

11. DDT is used as:
Answer: An insecticide

12. Name the acid used for solidifying latex?
Answer: Formic acid

13. What is laughing gas?
Answer: Nitrous oxide

14. What is used for cutting glass?
Answer: Diamond

15. Euro is the currency of which country?
Answer: Europe

16. Which state in India has the biggest coal reserve?
Answer: Bihar

17. Mahatma Gandhi was born on:
Answer: 2 October 1869

18. Which is the instrument used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?
Answer: Richter scale

19. Igloo is the house of:
Answer: Eskimos

20. Which is the largest river in the world?
Answer: Amazon

21. Which is the longest Railway platform in India?
Answer: Kharagpur

22. Capital of Afghanistan?
Answer: Kabul

23. Where is the Golden temple situated?
Answer: Amritsar

24. Which gas has the smell of rotten eggs?
Answer: Hydrogen sulphide

25. What is the name of official residence of the President of USA?
Answer: White House

26. Where is the International Court of justice situated?
Answer: Hague

27. In an electrical bulb the filament is made of:
Answer: Tungsten

28. Absence of iodine in human body causes:
Answer: Goitre

29. Which gas is used in coloured display sign boards?
Answer: Neon

30. Who is the first Indian woman who won the Olympics medal?
Answer: Karnam Malleswary

31. General elections are held in India every:
Answer: 5 years

32. Governor of a state is appointed by:
Answer: President

33. Who discovered the Laws of Gravitation?
Answer: Isaac Newton

34. Which is the smallest district in Kerala?
Answer: Alappuzha

35. Which district in Kerala has no railway line?
Answer: Idukki

36. Which is the largest rubber producing state in India?
Answer: Kerala

37. Who started Ottanthullal?
Answer: Kunchan Nambiar

38. Birth place of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai is:
Answer: Thakazhy

39. In what unit is Electricity measured?
Answer: Watts

40. Substance which does not conduct heat or electricity is known as:
Answer: Insulator

41. Who discovered penicillin?
Answer: Alexander Fleming

42. Which city in India is known as City of lakes?
Answer: Udaipur

43. IMF stands for:
Answer: International Monitory Fund

44. Which country produces the highest quantity of Mango?
Answer: India

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