Kerala PSC Assistant Grade Exam Solved Previous Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Assistant Grade Examination for Khadi and Village Industries Department.

1. What is the average life of coconut tree?
Answer: 50 years

2. Which is the source of energy in the biosphere?
Answer: Sun

3. What is a flying fox?
Answer: A kind of bat

4. Which is the tallest living animal?
Answer: Giraffe

5. Which is the most stupid bird in the world?
Answer: Duck

6. Largest fish in the sea:
Answer: Whale shark

7. What is the instrument used by doctors to hear the sound of heart and lungs?
Answer: Stethoscope

8. What is the function of kidney in the human body?
Answer: To filter waste materials

9. How many queen bees are found in a bee hive?
Answer: 1

10. Which metal is found in liquid form in natural stage?
Answer: Mercury

11. DDT is used as:
Answer: An insecticide

12. Name the acid used for solidifying latex?
Answer: Formic acid

13. What is laughing gas?
Answer: Nitrous oxide

14. What is used for cutting glass?
Answer: Diamond

15. Euro is the currency of which country?
Answer: Europe

16. Which state in India has the biggest coal reserve?
Answer: Bihar

17. Mahatma Gandhi was born on:
Answer: 2 October 1869

18. Which is the instrument used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?
Answer: Richter scale

19. Igloo is the house of:
Answer: Eskimos

20. Which is the largest river in the world?
Answer: Amazon

21. Which is the longest Railway platform in India?
Answer: Kharagpur

22. Capital of Afghanistan?
Answer: Kabul

23. Where is the Golden temple situated?
Answer: Amritsar

24. Which gas has the smell of rotten eggs?
Answer: Hydrogen sulphide

25. What is the name of official residence of the President of USA?
Answer: White House

26. Where is the International Court of justice situated?
Answer: Hague

27. In an electrical bulb the filament is made of:
Answer: Tungsten

28. Absence of iodine in human body causes:
Answer: Goitre

29. Which gas is used in coloured display sign boards?
Answer: Neon

30. Who is the first Indian woman who won the Olympics medal?
Answer: Karnam Malleswary

31. General elections are held in India every:
Answer: 5 years

32. Governor of a state is appointed by:
Answer: President

33. Who discovered the Laws of Gravitation?
Answer: Isaac Newton

34. Which is the smallest district in Kerala?
Answer: Alappuzha

35. Which district in Kerala has no railway line?
Answer: Idukki

36. Which is the largest rubber producing state in India?
Answer: Kerala

37. Who started Ottanthullal?
Answer: Kunchan Nambiar

38. Birth place of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai is:
Answer: Thakazhy

39. In what unit is Electricity measured?
Answer: Watts

40. Substance which does not conduct heat or electricity is known as:
Answer: Insulator

41. Who discovered penicillin?
Answer: Alexander Fleming

42. Which city in India is known as City of lakes?
Answer: Udaipur

43. IMF stands for:
Answer: International Monitory Fund

44. Which country produces the highest quantity of Mango?
Answer: India

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