Forest Guard Examination Previous Solved Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Forest Guard Examination conducted on 17-6-2006.

1. The Secretary General of the Lok Sabha is appointed by:
Answer. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

2. The Author of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is:
Answer. Gita Mehta

3. The Red Fort in Delhi was built by:
Answer. Shahjahan

4. The first Indian satellite ‘Aryabhata’ was launched in the year:
Answer. 1975

5. The first World Cup Football tournament was held in:
Answer. Uruguay

6. The rear view mirror used in vehicles is:
Answer. Convex

7. Shantivan is the Samadhi place of:
Answer. Jawaharlal Nehru

8. Which country is known as ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’?
Answer. Finland

9. The Odakkuzhal award was instituted by:
Answer. G. Sankara Kurup

10. The free operating system Linux was developed by:
Answer. Linus Torwalds

11. Central Food Technological Research Institute is at:
Answer. Mysore

12. ‘Straight from the heart’ is the autobiography of:
Answer. Kapil Dev

13. New York City is on the bank of the river.
Answer. Hudson

14. How many vertebrae are there in a giraffe’s neck?
Answer. 7

15. The first Keralite actor to win the Bharath award:
Answer. P.J. Antony

16. The year in which Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time?
Answer. 1920

17. Who is the founder of the Khilji dynasty?
Answer. Jalaludheen Khilji

18. When did television transmission begin in India?
Answer. 1959

19. The first battle of Panipat was in:
Answer. 1526

19. Who was the first woman Governor of Kerala?
Answer. Jyothi vekitachalam

20. Kerala Kala Mandalam established by:
Answer. Vallathol

21. India Gate was earlier known as:
Answer. All India War Memorial

22. Vitamin B2 is also known as:
Answer. Riboflavin

23. The capital of Nigeria is:
Answer. Abuja

24. Mesopotamia is now known as:
Answer. Iraq

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