Fireman Trainee Examination Previous Question paper

Solved question paper of Kerala psc Fireman Trainee Examination conducted on 13-03-2010.

1. Which is the largest river in Kerala?
Answer. Periyar

2. Communist manifesto written by?
Answer. Karl Marx

3. The first five year plan was started in?
Answer. 1951

4. The author of the Book Republic?
Answer. Plato

5. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi?
Answer. K. Kelappan

6. Who attend all the three round table conference?
Answer. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

7. The first Indian who got Nobel Prize for physics?
Answer. Dr. C.V. Raman

8. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Answer. Sukumar Sen

9. Who wrote the famous book “India Wins Freedom”?
Answer. Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad

10. The colour of Ammonium Chloride is?
Answer. White

11. The first general election conducted in Independence India on?
Answer. 1952

12. The blue colour of the sky due to?
Answer. Scattering of the light

13. World Red Cross Day is on:
Answer. May 8

14. World Human Right Day?
Answer. December 10

15. Father of Political Science?
Answer. Aristotle

16. The study about cancer is?
Answer. Oncology

17. First official census conducted in India on?
Answer. 1872

18. The article which gives special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir?
Answer. 370

19. Who was the first opposition leader of Kerala legislative assembly?
Answer. P.T. Chacko

20. First woman chief election commissioner of India?
Answer. V.S. Ramadevi

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