Company Corporation Assistant & LD Clerk Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and answers about “Chemicals in Everyday Life” for preparing the upcoming Assistant Grade Examination, Lower Division Clerk [LDC 2014], Postal Assistant , UPSC, SSC Examinations.

1. What are the constituent elements of sugar?
Answer. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

2. What is known as Table sugar?
Answer. Sucrose

3. Which sugar is used by the cells as the primary source of energy?
Answer. Glucose

4. Name the sugar which is most commonly present in the fruits?
Answer. Fructose

5. What is also known in the names dextrose and grape sugar?
Answer. Glucose

6. What is known as fruit sugar?
Answer. Fructose

7. What is the sweetest of all naturally occurring carbohydrates?
Answer. Fructose

8. What is the average PH of honey?
Answer. 3.9

9. Which is the leading sugar in the honey?
Answer. Fructose

10. Which is the antiseptic present in honey?
Answer. Hydrogen peroxide

11. What is usually called as paraffin?
Answer. Kerosene

12. Name the Canadian Geologist who invented Kerosene?
Answer. Abraham Pineo Gesner

13. What are the ingredients in Kerosene?
Answer. Carbon and Hydrogen

14. What is the full form of LPG?
Answer. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

15. What is the main constituent in the LPG?
Answer. Propane

16. What is added to LPG to help warn of gas leaks?
Answer. Ethanethiol or Ethyl mercaptan

17. What is the Chemical name of the bleaching powder?
Answer. Calcium hypochlorite

18. What is the chemical name of the Table salt?
Answer. Sodium Chloride

19. What gives hardness to water?
Answer. Chlorides and sulfates of calcium and magnesium

20. Which gases are the constituents of the Ammonia gas?
Answer. Nitrogen and hydrogen

21. What is produced through the Haber-Bosch process?
Answer. Ammonia

22. Which chemical is used in the cloud seeding or the artificial rain?
Answer. Silver iodide

23. What is ‘Dry Ice’?
Answer. Solid Carbon Dioxide

24. What was once called ‘Lunar caustic’?
Answer. Silver Nitrate

25. Which chemical is also known in the names ‘Blue vitriol and Bluestone’?
Answer. Copper sulfate

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