Village Extension Officer Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and Answers for preparing upcoming Kerala PSC Village Extension Officer Examination.


1. The French novel ‘the Count of Monte Cristo’ written by Alexander Dumas inspired the Malayalam movie:
Ans. Padayottam

2. Where is the first literary museum in Kerala?
Ans. Tirur

3. Swati Tirunal passed away in:
Ans. 1846

4. The year of ‘Aruvippuram Pratishta’ by Sri Narayana Guru:
Ans. 1888

5. Where is Unnayi Varrier Smarakam?
Ans. Iringalakuda

6. Velu Thampy attained martyrdom in:
Ans. 1809

7. The first to complete tenure as the Chief Minister of Kerala:
Ans. C. Achuthamenon

8. Who started ‘Deshabhimani’ from Kollam in 1915, which published till 1930?
Ans. T.K Madhavan

9. The founder of ‘Keralamitram’:
Ans. Devji Bhimji

10. The first Vice Chancellor of Cochin University:
Ans. Joseph Mundassery

11. In which year Yogakshemasabha was founded:
Ans. 1908

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