KSRTC Conductor Previous Exam Solved Question Paper

Solved question paper of Kerala psc conductor examination conducted on 1999.

1. Cattle is to Herd as sheep is to
(a) Flock (b) Swarm (c) Crowd (d) None of these
Ans. Flock

2. Victory is to encouragement as failure is to
(1) Sadness (b) Defeat (c) Frustration (d) None of these
Ans. Frustration

3. Retirement is related to service as dismissal is to
(a) Agreement (b) Employment (c) Communication (d) Adoption
Ans. Employment

4. Vijay ranks thirteenth in a class of thirty one. What is his rank from the last?
(a) 15th (b) 17th (c) 19th (d) None of these
Ans. 19th

5. A mountain always has
(a) ranger (b) peak (c) snow (d) valley
Ans. peak

6. Trigonometry is related to triangles in the same way as mensuration is related to
(a) Areas (b) Geometry (c) Circles (d) Polygons
Ans. Polygons

7. Karnataka is to Banglore as .......... is to ..........
(a) Mysore : Vrindavan (b) Haryana : Sonepat
(c) Gujarat : Anand (d) Orissa : Bhubaneshwar
Ans. Orissa : Bhubaneshwar

8. Water is to oxygen as salt is to
(a) iron (b) sodium (c) calcium (d) proteins
Ans. Sodium

9. BUS is coded as 251. STAND is coded as 13064. Then which of the following is code for BADAKARA:
(a) 20406071 (b) 20307080 (c) 20407080 (d) 20307181
Ans. 20407080

10. If TICKET is coded as 123451 and RACK is coded as 6034, then the code for KEEP SAFE is:
(a) 4556 7085 (b) 4556 7084 (c) 4557 6545 (d) 4556 0785
Ans. 4556 7085

11. Who was the governor-general of India who declared the practice of “Sati” as illegal and punishable?
Ans. Lord William Bentinck

12. The layer of atmosphere close to earth’s atmosphere is known as:
Ans. Troposphere

13. The metal used in storage cell is:
Ans. Zinc

14. World Population Day is celebrated on:
Ans. July 11

15. The sports term “Chinaman” is associated with:
Ans. Cricket

16. The author of the Book “The Guide” is:
Ans. R. K. Narayan

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