Kerala PSC Computer Operator Exam Previous Question paper

Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Computer Operator Examination conducted on 12th January 2012.

1. DAT stands for:
Answer. Digital Audio Tape

2. What is the expansion of WORM?
Answer. Write Once Read Many

3. What is a file?
Answer. Collection of Bytes stored as an individual entity.

4. What is double buffering?
Answer. Parallel data processing and data transfer

5. What is hashing?
Answer. Method to determine the physical location of a record

6. What is the expansion of SQL?
Answer. Structured Query Language

7. API stands for:
Answer. Application Program Interface

8. What is the expansion of SQLCA?
Answer. SQL Communication Area

9. QBE stands for:
Answer. Query-By-Example

10. DBMS stands for:
Answer. Data Base Management System

11. DMA stands for:
Answer. Direct Memory Access

12. SCSI stands for:
Answer. Small Computer System Interface

13. ISR stands for:
Answer. Interrupt Service Routine

14. BCD stands for:
Answer. Binary Coded Decimal

15. ESD stands for:
Answer. Electrostatic Discharge

16. USB stands for:
Answer. Universal Serial Bus

17. ISDN stands for:
Answer. Integrated Service Digital Network

18. What is the expansion for RAID?
Answer. Redundant Array Independent Disks

19. The term MODEM is derived from:
Answer. Modulator/Demodulator

20. FAT stands for:
Answer. File Allocation Table

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